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Criminal justice system is defined as a set of social and legal institutions, which enforce or help in enforcing criminal law in respect to the set of rules and procedural regulations. As will be discussed later in the paper, criminal justice systems comprise of many components. Moreover, there are other types of systems for example state, military and federal criminal justice systems.  Each state or category  is substituted into juvenile and adult justice systems.  In every criminal justice system, there are institutions and employees or staffs who are the drivers of these institutions. For instance, these institutions may include; law enforcement agencies such as police, courts both trial and appellate, probation agencies and custodial institutions. Other important players of the criminal justice system include; defense attorneys, victims, bail bondsmen and groups who represent victims. This paper will define crime and its relation to the law; it will also focus on the government structure.

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Crime is defined as the contravention of laws upon which a governing institution can press charges for conviction. Even though, different researchers may define crime in a different way, crime is always in violation of the law of the land.  In the modern society, crime is regarded as an offence that is against the state or citizens of a particular country.

There has been intent research on the relationship in crime and law or the legal philosophy. There has been a clear defect of legal thinking or thought in the manner that there are differences between crime and legal issues, but the two have a clear connection. The connection is that without law, there would be no crime since there could be no laws to be contravened. Furthermore, the justice systems are there in order to help victims of crime; this signifies that laws are there to combat crime, which signifies the relationship between crime and law.

Components of the criminal justice system

Components of criminal justice are mainly three: police, corrections and courts. These components assist the criminal justice system to fulfill the expectations of a society, without these components, the criminal justice system would be a hoax. In a system like this these components should work hand in hand under the principle law and to impose the same rules within the society (Sunga, 1997). The components of criminal justice must be orderly and therefore, must be in a certain criteria. For instance one cannot be convicted or put in correctional places before he/she is arrested, in addition, before one is convicted he/she must be presented in a court of law.

Criminal justice process

A criminal justice system is not a haphazard process but rather an orderly and progression event in that there is arrest and then trial which is basically conducted under a public watch for transparency. Criminal justice system can be compared to a sports team, which is combined of indeterminable number of people making decisions, conflicts, relationships and adjustments (Hanes & Sharon, 2005). Such a mix of events and circumstances is what is regarded as a system. In a criminal justice system, there is a process of how the events will add up. A criminal justice process refers to the continuity of events in the system and how the system will fulfill the expectations of the public or the society.


In conclusion, a proper justice system should be transparent and free of corruption in order for everyone to be accorded the fairness they deserve. In America, there has been advancement in the criminal justice systems but some areas need to be corrected. For instance people who have been taken for terrorism crimes are tortured which is unhealthy for a democratic nation like that. Finally, criminal justice processes should be hastened so that for justice can prevail. This is because in some countries court case take too long before they are concluded.


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