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There has been endless debate over the years on whether death penalty deters crime. Varied views and arguments are represented by criminology experts, human rights activists, clergy, and so on. Reasons to support or oppose capital punishment could be based on emotional aspects, political pragmatism or public safety. However, as long as crime exists, this debate shall remain and criminals shall be executed for their crimes. In this paper, we shall focus on the effects of high rate of capital convictions in the United States of America and will also discuss how to deter organized crime such as gangs, American and Mexican mafia.

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According to FBI data, most states that do not have capital punishment have lower homicide rates. The survey mainly focused on Texas, California and New York. It is worth noting that crime is quite high in the above states. Yet scientific studies show that the states have failed to demonstrate that death penalties or executions deter people from crime These states also have large number of African –American population; hence it is believed that both blacks and whites have been victims of murder, but the largest  percentage of execution involves more blacks.

States such as New York do not have death penalties; hence people there are believed to live in safer communities, since the leadership and security organs are believed to build a secure climate to protect its community. In such cases criminals fear arrest and punishment, thus, criminals are not spared. It is, therefore, true to say that death penalty has deterred crime. However, Texas and North Carolina have death penalties and this has had a significant effect on multiple murders.

Organized crime is diversified and to some point, it has gone global. This has become a security problem that encourages corruption and manipulation of businesses and politics; therefore, it undermines governance by supporting those who operate against the law. This includes gangs, American mafia and Mexican mafia, and so on. They are capable of manipulating resources and changing law enforcements, as they search for growth of their illegal profits.

Hence, crime committed by such groups requires well-designed operations to counter specified or targeted groups. Thus, comprehensive intelligence is vital since most of these groups are resilient to law. For instance, gangs would be handled differently from the manner in which mafias would be handled, because they are believed to be notorious.

Security agencies have put strategies in place to deter and disrupt criminal activities; this is achieved by creating a hostile environment or limiting the chances of these mafias and gangs. Since police alone cannot counter them, they have found it good to collaborate with relevant stakeholders. This has seen it possible to use knowledge and intelligence to release operational actions.

Organized crimes are known to be in existence for over a century; renowned criminals were the headliners who were believed to be jobless and hence, they needed to earn a living and provide for their families. Therefore, they resolved to gangsterism; though it is dangerous, it proved to be an easy way to get money. The American government tried curbing gangs and mafias, but this was of no avail. Instead, there was an explosive growth in crime.


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