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Current studies in psychology have examined a lot on people with psychotic disorder. These studies have led to the numerous studies on individuals who exhibit violent and non-violent behaviours. This research provides insights on the interventions concerning such individuals. Violent crime is linked to several developmental factors in an individual’s life. A violent offender will often have been subjected to a situation that changes his or her perception towards the basic aspects of life. A significantly large percentage of the influences that determine whether a person will become a violent or a non violent offender are experienced in the early stages of an individual’s life when the physical and psychological development is still ongoing. The gender of an individual is one of the determining factors. The male gender engages in more violent offensive acts than the female gender. More males are incarcerated due to the violation of the law regarding violent crime. Another factor is the Hormonal level and the psychological orientation of an individual. The aggressive nature of the male gender contributes to the high chances of men being involved in violent crime.

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It has been established that violent offenders have been victims of violent crime at one time in their lives. These violent experiences determine the likelihood of the victim becoming a violent offender especially if they occur during victim’s childhood or young adulthood. Violent offenders commit violent crimes that target their childhood offenders or people with personalities that resemble that of their childhood offenders. In addition, some of the people who experienced violence in their childhood are known to victimise children in their adulthood. On the contrary, a significantly small number of violent offenders have a history of childhood without violence especially perpetrated by their close associates or guardians.

The social and economic status of violent offenders is also a significant indicator of the possibility of a person developing violent behaviour. People with low social or economic status are more likely to commit violent crimes as retribution to challenge the difficult situations that they experience. In other situations, due to prolonged deprivation of the physical needs, an individual may engage in violent crime to satisfy his or her wants. Generally, people of high social and economic status do not find any compelling reason to engage in violent crime, unless when they do it for emotional gratification.


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