Free Workplace Security Facts Essay Sample

According to Goode, the security industry in many countries is going through tremendous growth. Because the economy declines and crimes toward other individuals increase, most companies are employing private protective services as they believe that technology and physical hardware may not provide adequate protection. This is an anticipated consequence of increased requirements in security services and employing of the security personnel.

Siegel defines crime as the infringement of rules or laws for which by legal systems, some given prevailing authority can eventually dictate a condemnation. There are many types of crime, for instance murder, sexual assault, kidnapping, robbery, larceny, burglary, arson, theft, vandalism, and shoplifting.

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Murder can be defined as the illegitimate killing of another individual with criminal intent, and usually this frame of mind differentiates murder from other kinds of illegitimate homicide. A society's total desire to perpetrate murder hinges upon social factors, but its feasibility and ability to perpetrate murder are deepened by widespread gun accessibility. Surely, most studies have found an apparent correlation between the rate of murder and gun ownership, particularly ownership of handgun. Most of the gun owners lay claim that they possess guns due to protection purposes, while it seems that the problem of murder and gun deterrence goes hand in hand.  

According to Lebeau & Mozayani, sexual assault can comprise of child sexual abuse, incest, rape, attempted rape, obscene phone calls, exhibitionism, fondling, voyeurism, and sexual molestation. According to feminists, right from the early period of development of the modern women's movement, pornography promoted sexual violence toward women by considering them as sex objects. This view is substantiated in the research. It is pictures of violence towards women, instead of sexually graphic substance, that promotes credence of callousness and violence toward women. Media, for instance Television and movies frequently convey the message that violence is an alternative. Alcohol can also be linked to physical aggression. It has been found that the use of alcohol is concerned in up to 74% of acquaintance rapes. This is when culprits are more aggressive while victims less effective when it comes to setting limits and supporting themselves as they drink alcohol.

Kidnapping is another criminal offence that is frequently occurring in societies. As in the criminal law, kidnapping is defined as the transportation or taking away of a person against the person's volition, generally to seize the person in false imprisonment, a restriction with no permissible authority. In most cases this is done for the purpose of ransom or with the intention to further another crime. Joblessness, poverty, and idleness are some of the problems that act as the core inducements of kidnapping for ransom in many countries. Most of the kidnappers are generally jobless youths, as well as university graduates. It is possible that the kidnappers will stay off the crime if they are gainfully employed.  

Robbery as a criminal offence is increasingly occurring in human community.  Conklin defines robbery as the stealing of property or money from another individual by using force. Robberies are quite widespread crimes, and the vice has several causes which are different for each crime. Some of the most frequent causes of robbery include: the present unemployment and recession problems which have blighted many individuals hence instilling a sense of despair in the otherwise antecedently employed people; and use of drugs which can develop individuals into a potential thieves who are looking for a way to support their drug habit as they lack another alternative of earning money.

In criminal law, theft is defined as the unlawful taking of another individual's property without that individual's permission. Cases of employee theft are increasing in workplaces. Most of the individuals in the field of corporate crime right away point to the slump in the housing market, the credit crisis, and the consequential depression as the major causes owing to the increase in employee theft. A growing number of employees are experiencing cuts in wages, hours, or benefits. Since the take home pay reduces, the employees find themselves having insufficient money available for every day's spending such as fuel and food. This is when they choose an alternative of stealing the properties in the workplace to compensate.


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