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The constitution of Arizona is the document that regulates all the activities of Arizona. The present constitution is the one, which was drafted at first until now it has not been changed.

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A constitutional convention was held in the year 1910 in Arizona, and a constitution was immediately drafted. This constitution was prepared and submitted to congress for approval after being approved by congress and vetoed by the then president Taft William who refused the issue of recalling judges. Later the constitution was amended. Some removals were done about judicial recall, and the president approved it on February 14, 1912. After Arizona has become a state, an amendment was approved to allow the recall of the judicial in the general election, which was held in the same year (McClory, 2001, p. 900).

Arizona History Timeline

The timeline of Arizona was made to give a break of the people who were well known during the implementation and creation of the constitution of the state of Arizona (Richard, 2008, p. 80). A timeline including the year and date when the various events took place has been recorded as follows:

1500’s: this was the time the state of Arizona was discovered by Spain.

1539: After the discovery of Arizona by Marcos de Niza, it was left for the Spanish people.

1752: a settlement of Spain was put up in Tubac, which had seen many revolts from other tribes like Pima and Papago.

1756 – 1763: there began a war between the Indians and the people of France because of the land that belonged to the people of Arizona. Britain later took over the land. England received land from France. Spain later gave up western and eastern parts of Florida, which they gave for exchange of Cuba.

1776: a castle of Spain was erected in Tucson.           

1775 – 1783: the revolution that existed in America led to the formation of the United States of America.

July 4th 1776:  the United States declared its independence.

July 10th 1778: the French declared war on the British and later joined forces with the American armies.

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September 3rd 1783: the Paris treaty was signed by Britain and the United States.

 1812 – 1815: Great Britain and USA did war, and it ended in a deadlock but the later got its independence.

1821: traders came to Arizona from the US

1848: US won after going to war with Mexico and took of the land of Arizona.

1853: most of the parts of Arizona became the sole property of the US, this started from Gila River along Guadalupe Hidalgo and many other places.

1854: Later the discovery of a very important metal was discovered in Arizona, this metal was later recognized as copper.

1861 – 1865: This period was characterized by the US civil war. The initiator of the war was Brown John, who went to Harpers Ferry and led the ignition on the war that was going to loom in the area. In the same year Abraham Lincoln was elected president of the US and many parts did secede including the south Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, Virginia, Arkansas and Tennessee.

December 6th 1885 : the end of slavery was announced officially.

September 4th 1886: Geronimo surrendered; he was the chief of the Apache.

1898 – 1901: Spain broke into war with the Americans.

1912 - This was a very important year for Arizona as it was accepted to the partner states. On February 14th the same year the constitution of the state was promulgate and it became the 48th state to the other partner states.

Declaration of rights

In the constitution of Arizona, a section called Article II is included, and it is entitled the Declaration of Rights. This portion contains the rights of all the individuals of the state of Arizona. The sections are divided in 37 parts:

  1. Fundamental principles
  2. Political Power and the main purpose of the government
  3. Victims Bill of Rights
  4. Supreme law of the law
  5. Due process of the law
  6. Right of petition and of assembly
  7. Freedom of speech and press
  8. Oaths and affirmations

Partner states of America.

  1. Right to privacy
  2. Irrevocable grant of privilege
  3. Franchises or immunities
  4. Self incrimination and Double jeopardy
  5. Administration of justice
  6. Liberty of conscience
  7. Equal opportunities
  8. Habeas corpus
  9. Excessive bail
  10. Corruption of blood

People were given many rights that favored them. Many people had come out of slavery or did see the effects of the vice. This declaration of rights was greatly influenced by the events that led to the gaining of diplomacy in the year 1912. Through the events, it was clear that a big war was fought to achieve the independence that has been obtained. This was reflected on the Bill of rights  to be created as the people’s needs were put first compared to those of the leaders and administrators. The people as a whole had to enjoy the fruits of their labor, which they had fought so hard, and for a very long time. The events that led to the independence of the state reminded the constitution makers that if nothing was going to be written down problems were going to be exhibited in the future hence the need for a written document to counter such future problems (McClory, 2001).

Branches of government

The government in Arizona includes the executive and the judiciary branches, and the parliament that are given the responsibility of overseeing the day-to-day running of the state. The executive branch is left with the responsibility of formulating laws and taking them to congress for voting. The judiciary, on the other hand, has the responsibility of seeing to it that those laws are followed to the letter. Those who brake the laws are taken to court for punishment and penalties. The parliament votes on the bills that the senators bring on board.


The constitution as well as the Bill of Rights gave people privileges that they did not enjoy for a long time. Slavery at that time was illegal, and people lived together in harmony. The people of Arizona came together to see what they needed to do for their great state. 


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