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Specific Purpose

The main purpose of this essay is to create awareness on the issue of bullying and try to control it.  The issue is known since it has been highlighted before through various investigations and reports.  However, controlling the issue has proven to be quite a problem as it is still being conducted in different environments.  The main way to control bullying that lead to deaths of other individuals is by rendering severe punishment to the bullies.

Bullying is an activity that has been in existence for quite a long time, where some individuals tend to harass their peers since they have an advantage over them. However, bullying has taken a severe turn where it has led to the death of some individuals who have been bullied (Crockett 2).    Therefore, today we are going to discuss a new federal law should be written that imposes a minimum sentence of 15 years in prison for anyone who causes another human being to take their own life due to bullying.  

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The cause of bullying could be classified to many factors but the main factor is discrimination (U.S Department of State par.1).  This is evident in the Civil Rights Act 1964 and it protects the rights of equality for all citizens. In case one is found going against this law, then they are taken to court and treated as a civil case.

According to the justice system anyone who cases the death of another citizen is treated as a criminal (Nansel et al. 2141). They are treated according to the fourth, sixth and eighteenth amendment Bill of Rights.

The main penalty according to the Amnesty International is the denial of human rights leading to execution of the criminal (Hidgon 3).  However, the law protects individuals under the age of 18 years. It is our belief that since execution is prohibited for underage criminals, and then a heavy punishment should be rendered as well (Risse et al. 3). 15 years sentence would be appropriate for the individual as it would serve as a lesson for the rest of the peers.

The prison system is likely to follow the law in ensuring that the convict serves his/her term appropriately as required of them by the law (Louis 350). The law of the U.S is meant to protect the human rights of every individual and this can be done rendering severe punishment to the accused.

To conclude we have discussed that the best way to handle the problem is by forming a new law that will impose minimum sentence of 15 years for the accused individual. This will not only deal with the problem at hand but with the future bullying as well as it will be set as an example for the rest of the bullies.  The impact of death has not seemed to have any effect on the issue of bullying but severe punishment is bound to.


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