Free Children Born in the United States Essay Sample

The children born in America by illegal immigrants are also referred to as Anchor baby. These children under the current legal interpretations of the American law, they are citizens of United States of America by birth. The children can instantly qualify for welfare from the government authorities and can also benefit from the program conducted by the state or other programs that benefit citizens. After the passage of Immigration and Nationality Act in 1965, the children can sponsor other members of their family to enter the United States of America when the children attain the age of twenty one years.

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Parklands Memorial Hospital in Texas, is one of the busiest maternity ward in the United States, actually it's the second busiest. 70% of the women that give birth in this hospital are illegal Immigrants (John, 5). This makes the immigrant and their children born in America very complicated.

The constitution in the 14th Amendment that was ratified in the 1868, that was meant to ensure the newly emancipated African Americans were issued with the American citizenship "All persons, born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States of America" not subject to this jurisdiction are all the foreign visitors, the members and staff of embassies and their children born in America.

The Americans are very welcoming people and are always welcoming and ready to accept immigrants that have followed the correct systems and have papers to show for it. The American society is probably one of the most welcoming nations to foreigners that any other nation in the world, there are millions and millions of immigrants in America. The American education system is currently facing many challenges caused by children born by illegal immigrants.  The number of these children is greatly consuming a lot of money from the state. In 2004 the office of the General Accounting office report had it that the total cost of educating children from Illegal immigrants was 1.04 billion dollars in the state of Texas only (Serge, 5).

Therefore the problem of children born in America by Illegal Immigrant bring such problem as higher taxes to regular Americans, these taxes are used in welfare and education to these children, this is punishment to the law abiding Americans and rewarding the Law breakers. It also causes disrespect of law and order, this is where immigrant break the American law of migration and get to America illegally and later give birth to their children in America so that their children gets the American nationality and 21years later they can become American citizens.

The intention of the 14th Amendment was not to for the illegal immigrants to get children for their offspring at the expense of the American taxpayer. Many developed countries have over time changed their laws on children born in their soil acquiring automatic citizenship. The problem of the illegal immigrants as Cleary demonstrated has grown to an all high proportion and the Congress and the American people cannot afford to ignore it anymore.


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