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Crimes in different countries are categorized differently like infractions, misdemeanor, and felonies. Misdemeanor and felony crimes are punishable by the laws of the country in which the crime was committed. Federal crimes like bank robbery acts, smuggling of drugs, bribing police officers are all punishable under federal crimes. This implies that felonies are those crimes which have a minimum jail sentence over a period of one year (Bradley, 1989). Misdemeanor crimes are those criminal acts that are given a maximum sentence in a period of one year in which a criminal is being incarcerated.

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Those young people committing a misdemeanor after the age of 18 should bear in mind that the offense will remain in their files for some time hence it will reflect in their work conduct certificate. Those who are under age will be expunged when they turn 18. Individuals with felony convictions in such instances get a rough time trying to get employment which resorts them to recidivism. Crimes of misdemeanor forms do not bar an individual from securing work in public law firms or the country's armed forces. In the case of felonies, they bar people from working in branches of military and also securing employment opportunities in the work place becomes problematic for those convicted.

Criminal misadventures of medical health care practices and law have been brought together when it comes to acts of violence in the medical practice. Medicine is a field that needs care and protection in all angles since it involves the care of sick people. Many are the times when individuals practicing are negligent in terms of the kind of service they are giving their patients. Such negligent acts leads to their downfall since there patients are not satisfied with the kind of service given to them after paying huge sums of money.

Medical practitioners who are negligent in their line of duty and perform man slaughter acts are guilty and charged in the court of law where they undergo a rigorous exercise to reach the bottom of the matter presented by the complainants (Clevette, 2007). Such inhuman acts have dire consequences on their professions since they can lead to their revocation of certificates. Once this has been done, the doctors and nurses are left without work. It will be challenging for them to land in another organization for fear of repetition of the same acts. Doctors and nurses are individuals who need accuracy in their judgment and consultation lest they are charged of incompetence which will result to their loosing of practicing medicine due to their mistakes.

These laws govern all those individuals in the medical sector and thus even mortuary attendants need to conduct themselves well if they want to keep their jobs. Medical practitioners who loose their certificates in such illegal acts are facing challenging times especially in getting another form of employment to sustain their families (Wilson, 2006). Language in such sectors need to be looked at since terms used in medicine will no be the same like those ones used in other disciplines. Medical terms used should not be colloquial in nature to avoid the aspect of patients complaining of being abused. For example, the use of the phrase accidental instead of negligent when describing certain cases should be looked at critically. Errors and violations in the medical field should be minimized to avoid extreme and serious cases from happening (Enserink, 2005).

Medicine and law are important fields that are incorporated into each others' field in order to maintain work ethics and attainment of institutional goals and objectives effectively with minimal errors and violations. Doctors and nurses need to be guided on the importance of following the laws governing their country whilst performing their occupations.


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