Free Cybercrimes Essay Sample

Some might say the crime of the 21st century will be white collar. If that is true, what will be the major types of cybercrime?

Cybercrimes involve situations whereby networks or computers are attacked in order to steal identities. These include forgery, embezzlement of funds as well as blackmail.These crimes are classified into three major categories; Crimes against property, persons and Government.

Electronic Fund Transfer Fraud is an example. This exposes transactions to possibilities of diversion and interception by counterfeiting the digital information that is contained cards.

Vandalism, extortion and terrorism of an electronic nature occur in complex data processing systems. This is evidenced whereby web pages of official government and commercial organizations are hacked.

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Harassments also occur over the internet and are directed towards individuals or groups. They target people in reference to their religion, sexual orientation, gender or even race.

Illegal deals are made over the internet such as drug trafficking whereby deals are made and finalized over the internet.Transmission of harmful programs that damage a computer or may cause loss of data is also illegal. Software cracking which involves distributing illegal copies of software is also common.

How can we safeguard against it?

For crimes of obscene and offensive nature, offensive websites should be declared illegal and perpetrators must be liable to persecution. Some countries have already taken steps to ban these websites so as to protect its citizens.

Internet Security Specialists should build security measures so as to maintain better sensitive websites such as the use of proper passwords to prevent unauthorized access.

Attachments from unfamiliar senders should never be opened. Proper scanning should also be done before downloading and opening an attachment.

Updates for antiviruses should be regularly downloaded to ensure that softwareis always upto date.Firewalls, antiviruses and software that detect spyware should be installed on the computers for better security.

Personal information should also be kept secret and protected so as to prevent fraudsters from getting your details and using them to commit a crime.Physical security measures should also be put in place to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive stuff that can be beneficial to a cyber-criminal.

In what ways should making money online have its limits? For example, is pornography, online gambling, etc, fair game?

It is quite difficult to control online gambling as compared to the physical casinos. Gambling has been faced with moral and religious opposition due to different beliefs.

Gamblers are also prone to fraudsters hence it is unfair to the vulnerable and innocent citizens who may fall into wrong hands. Thus proper regulations should be made to control the negative effects of this. Minors may also gamble when unauthorized hence exposing them to a lot of risks.Gambling has also been known to have addictive and pathological behaviors to those who practice them.

On the other hand,internet pornography may fall into the wrong hands. Minors can easily access the internet nowadays thus making it a dangerous vice in the society today.Most pornography materials are available online for free hence making it very easy for just anyone to access them.

Pornography is also known to be addictive and it can expose its users to a lot of problems even in their relationships.

What are the ethical considerations involved?

Although this is quite a complicated issue especially in the area of Information Technology which is rapidly changing, it is still possible to work things out. It is easy for crimes to occur but measures can still be taken to ensure safety.

Pornography, for example, affects the proper and ethical growth of the young generation hence affecting the behavior.

Spreading of false information over the internet is illegal since it promotes a sense of misinformation and may affect the safety of others.

Hacking affects and violates the privacy of citizens. It is unethical to violate the privacy of an individual. Destroying the data that belongs to others is also illegal.These crimes also cause unnecessary losses to companies in the case of rivals hence are quite unnecessary.

For crackers, the misuse of intellectual rights and the violation of copyrights is an illegal act. This can even lead to the downloading of a virus which can destroy an entire system in the long run.

Cyber bullying is a serious issue in today’s schools and business. If everyone adopted and educated people on netiquette guidelines would this issue be solved? Explain.

Cyber bullying in schools mainly affects children. In schools, many children suffer from this from their fellow students. Bullying is also evident in the workplace whereby workers may use attacks against others. This promotes conflicts in the workplace.

In both cases, cyber bullying reduces the output of the affected individuals. Both the victims and the bullies should be educated and counseled to ensure that this act is eliminated. Potential victims should also be educated. Bystanders should also have the courage to take a bold step to stop the aggressor from threatening or harassing the victim.

Proper measures should be taken that children grow to be responsible and respectful. People should be taught not to say anything online that they would say in person. In case of attacks, victims can be advised to go offline.

Filtering should also be done to prevent teenagers from accessing social sites that would otherwise expose them to bullying. Anti-bullying groups should be set up to ensure that they develop proper measures.


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