Free Domestic Violence in Law Enforcement Families Essay Sample

Using a couple of incidents that have occurred in the recent past, I have revealed how stress, being authoritative, lack of distinction between the work place and the family, just to mention but a few have greatly affected law enforcing families thus causing domestic violence. Many law enforcing families have been hit by incidences and tragedies coming from within, unfortunately. Tragedies that were and are still being caused by family members.

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Law enforcing families are families just like any other families. They suffer problems like any other families. What makes them strike more attention is the fact that they legally possess weapons that are not in many other homes - the gun. In most countries, people in the law enforcement unit undergo intensive training due to their nature of work. They are also sometimes forced to tke drastic measures like killing the suspects due to their nature of work. Due to this some individuals, whether male or female, use violent measures to deal with domestic issues that are experienced y any other families.

Literature review

In Tacoma, the year 2003, a chief police shot his wife and then committed suicide by shooting himself in the parking area of a strip mall. The man by the name David Brame had been married to his wife Crystal Brame for eleven years and had two children to complete the family. The first child, Haley,  was who was eight years old and the other child, David, who was five years old were present when the incident happened although they were not physically harmed.

Reports say that he was undergoing the  divorce process and in fact, on that particular day, he had come to pick the children. His wife described him as a control freak and dictator. He never aloud her to use the credit car without asking to be permitted and kept  checking on the  odometer to know how many times she hade gone to the grocery store. He chocked her on several occasions threatening that he could break her neck if he wished to and even left the gun loaded on a bedroom shelf where the children could reach. Despite all this, he Brame said that he was the one who was being abused by her wife.

He reported this to the police station although no actions were taken. Professionally, he never showed any sign of being violent and so this came as a surprise to his colleagues. In another incident in Los Angeles, a policeman killed his wife and five children and then committed suicide. Among his five children were two sets of twins. It is alleged that he did this heinous thing due to job difficulties. According to a letter he had written to a local radio station before the shooting, he said they had planned the killing with his wife and that one of the administrators at his work place had told him to blow his brains off instead of coming to work.

Clearly, in both cases, and many other cases that occur, the people performing the murders seem to have been undergoing through some difficulties. It is upto the family members to look after each other and find help for one another where need be like in the case of Brame's family. His wife should have reported his husband to the authorities immediately he started to threaten her of which she didn't.

The police officers in the higher ranks should try and be more polite to their subordinates. Like in the Los Angeles case, the man's administrator told him to go and blow his brains off instead of coming to work, not knowing that he was talking to a very vulnerable man, "a time bomb". Police departments should have their special psychiatrists, psychologists, councilors etc, in order to help them solve their problems. I think that is one of the things I would put in  place if I were a department acting chief. Apart from ensuring whether duties are performed, special sessions should be put in place so as to help the police understand how to cope and tackle their domestic problems without getting overboard.

These cases can be minimized if the right steps are taken and the police are watched having in mind that they are also human beings. The kind of training they sometimes go through may make them have a "nothing- is- big" attitude.


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