Free Effectiveness of the British Constitution Essay Sample

United Kingdom has a government that is confined by the fact that it cannot move on without any complications as it has to rely upon the willpower and mandate of its congress in passing of its legislative agendas. The legislation and the relevant activities are supposed to be conventional to the orders that had been set forward by the existing judicial review system. In addition, the United Kingdom government lacks the wide range of discretionary powers, and this makes it to constitute the informality within the constitution, and hence it makes it clear that any government will not be in any position of effecting things like searching peoples' homes. This is supported by the fact that they lack laws and policies that are designed to allow them to do so in any dimension.

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The constitution deserves to have significant elaboration in most of its clauses as they are found to be ineffective in one way or another. Most of the time the court has always been called upon to make sure that the resultant government remains within the legal bounds. This has never been welcomed well by the judicial system, as they always feel that the legislatures can carry out effective changes within the current constitution. Comparing to a written constitution of a country like Kenya, it is found out that the Parliament of Kenya is given power to pass and make changes in the constitution. This is an aspect that unwritten constitution lacks in its process.

Currently in the United Kingdom, the overall scope of the existing judicial review is apparently unfamiliar when measured up to what used to be there in 25 years ago. In this case, judges have always been more enthusiastic to get involved in the process of ensuring that any constituent body involved in the judicial process works within the correct procedural manner. This action should be taken despite the impugning on the authority in question.


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