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Essentially, a democracy represents an egalitarian form of government whereby all citizens of a given nation or state determine, the laws, public policy and actions of their state, therefore, requiring all the citizens to have equal opportunity to articulate and express their opinion. Indeed, in a democracy, all individuals are widely expected to have equal protection under the law. The notion of equal protection is basically the idea of legislated equality and it entails the notions of goodness, fairness, justice and fraternity (Epstein & Walker 57).  Equal protection is critical and important because it ensures that equality situated individuals are treated similarly. Additionally, equal protection challenges government actions that establish classifications and government measures that burden and stifle fundamental rights. Through the equal protection clause, States are prohibited from ratifying laws and regulations that are discriminatory, as they are required to deal equally and evenly will all citizens. Further, this clause is very critical because it can be used by advocated to challenge and combat discriminatory policies initiated by any state. This law is also critical because it seeks to ensure an equal and decent social environment that allows all individuals to achieve their potential (Duster 99).The equal protections clause extends to protect the rights of various groups such as the ethnic minorities, immigrants, disabled and women (Renstrom 34).

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In conclusion, equal protection clause is a law that seeks to ensure that all individuals are accorded equal protection and treatment under the low, irrespective of their age, sexual orientation, race, citizenship or religion. The equal protection law is very important because it ensures that equally situated individuals are treated equally, therefore, is challenges the government’s actions that aim to establish classification while at the same time preventing states form establishing laws that stifle and burden fundamental rights of citizens. Some of the groups that are widely protected by this clause include women, immigrants, ethnic minorities and the disabled. 


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