Free Fair Labor Standards Act Essay Sample

The fair labor standards act comprises laws that dictate the required level of standards between the employer and employees. It seeks to ensure workers are not misused and their rights infringed upon for example by receiving pretty low salaries and unnecessary deductions.

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Changes in the laws

            Law makers in 2004 made critical changes in the law to fit emerging trends such as new systems of administration and technological advancements. There arose restrictions on qualifying for overtime pay. Workers worked longer so as to qualify for overtime pay. Taking an example of California citizens who happen to be very hard working, they no longer feel the compulsion to honor outdated overtime agreements. The new changes on the California code which happens to be tied by the fair labor standards act are complicated and likely to elicit mixed reaction and confusion leading to lawsuits by employees. The laws are however favorable for the employers who got nothing much really to loose. The minimum salary levels were however increased to $455 gross per week and the workers were happy with it as it meant better living standards. Specific tests falling as administrative, professional, or executive were introduced.This gave the employees some extent of managerial control. The laws also minimized the impact of improper deductions from the employees’ salaries.

            This came through the safe harbor provision that gave the employers a chance to correct any such improper deductions .Changes also introduced new permissible deductions for full day absences based on infractions of workplace conduct rules. The rules only permit full day and full week deductions. There were also the exemptions for highly paid workers who earn at least $100,000 per year.

Effect of the changes.

            The rules have achieved fairness considerably in work places, have promoted better relations and increased performance for the workers who feel motivated to work since no one is interfering with their rights. 


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