Free Federal Law Sarbanes-Oxley Essay Sample

This federal law Sarbanes-Oxley act explains on the law of employment at will, where the employers have the right to fire employees for a good reason, a defective one or no reason at all. This law was to protect the corporate whistleblowers. In some cases, the corporations should use the restrictive covenants to limit the rights of employees who leave their work place for competitors. This will help companies to protect their confidential information from getting out of the company. Here, the employees have no right to leave the company at their own will so that they can go and work in another company. This is because they have signed a contract, and they must adhere to it.

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 The corporations might follow the Sarbanes-Oxley law which says that employees can be fired with or without a case so if the employers see that the employee is no longer needed in the company, they have the right to fire him. In some cases, the corporations see that they should use the restrictive covenants on their employees because the company may employ the person without skills. After using their money and resources to train and put some skills on this employee then after gaining the knowledge and experience he or she says that he what to live the job, and get a job somewhere else where he gets paid a better salary.

 Corporations at some instances may feel exploited because of using their time and money for these employees then employees do not see that. At other times, there might be some unscrupulous companies which get people from other companies, and promise to pay them higher salaries if they leave the current company they are working for, and work for them. This is not right at all, and the Sarbanes- Oxley act should be applied where the employers should have the right to fire the employees if they suspect something like this.

 On the other hand, the Sarbanes-Oxley act protects the employees who have proof of corporate deception or violations. The corporations should not use restrictive covenants because the employees should have the right to work anywhere they want. They should also feel free to change their jobs and careers at any time without any complications or fear of dismissal by their current employers without any notice. 


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