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The US government has been experiencing a major financial as well as economic crisis since mid 2007. Blame has included various factors including the government’s superfluous expenditure. Some of the things that the government is spending on are seen as a waste and the reason why the government has a debt amounting to trillions of dollars. The budget deficit experienced recently also saw Congress raise the debt ceiling, which was a sign of great economic and financial problems for the country. In 2010, about one million dollars was used to create poetry for zoos in Milwaukee, Chicago, and New Orleans in order to create awareness on issues of environment. Roycroft (24) also reports that, in 2010, the government gave approximately 1.8 million dollars to the NeonBoneyardPark and Museum in Las Vegas. The US Census Bureau also spent a total of $ 2.5 million on a commercial that was aired during the Super Bowl in 2010. Mora explains that, in 2009, Washington was set to spend $ 2.6 million training Chinese prostitutes to drink more sensibly while on the job.

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In 2010, the Securities and Exchange Commission also used $ 3.9 million to reorganize their offices in Washington D.C. Federal employees have also been refusing to fly coach costing American taxpayers over $ 146 million annually. In 2006, Washington spent approximately $ 1.8 million assisting to build a private golf course in Atlanta, in the State of Georgia (Duffy 12). This funding was viewed as suspicious and unfair to the American taxpayers. The Whitewater Country Club in Atlanta was struggling to stay afloat and a businessman chose to revive it. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) through its Rural Development branch guaranteed $ 1.8 million dollars of the businessman’s loan which was 6 million dollars. The business deal flopped and the government reimbursed the 1.8 million dollars to a local bank; money which dearly cost the American taxpayers (Mora). The real point of contention was that money from the USDA was supposed to be used on essential community amenities, and the golf course definitely did not fall under that category. This was seen as a great loss and one of the largest loan losses in the history of USDA. All these unnecessary government expenses have been contributing to the budget deficit and some are fraudulent and suspicious such as the golf course in Atlanta. There are also other government wastes that are costing Americans billions of dollars and causing major financial problems in the country.


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