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Acceptable Use Policy

As William (2009) says, the most important thing to include in acceptable use policy is a clear statement about the things that a person is not supposed to do with the system or network. As a result, the policy will have to be clear that the user is not supposed to operate in the system for his or her personal use. With regard to the use of information, it must be clear that the employee is in no way allowed to copy information from the firm’s database either for personal use or for sale or any form of trade outside the business.

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Internet Use Policy

The internet use policy will have to include the way the employees are expected to conduct themselves when they access the internet using the company’s computers (McDonalds, 2009). The users will be required to conduct themselves with high discipline and must not access sites that may be harmful to the organization’s network or information. The policy also has to indicate that the users must not use internet to distribute information from the company.

Acceptable Conduct Policy

The users will be required to always conduct themselves in a professional way and will be expected to put the interests of the firm ahead of their own with regard to the information. For instance, the users will be needed to always follow the usage of the information policy while doing their jobs and must not break any of the rules (Greogry, 2012).

According to Westen (2009), cultural values are important in determining what is morally right and what is not. For this reason, different cultural values in different geographical locations around the world mean that different people in the world will consider differently the unlike actions. For instance, in some cultures, as James (2009) and Stephen (2009) say, the issue of intellectual property has not penetrated the society and therefore copying someone else’s intellectual property is not a big thing and this introduces a challenge in the management of intellectual property in the internet. The fact that the internet is global, but the laws that govern the internet are not brings a big challenge in the enforcement of laws that govern the correct use of the internet (Maxwell, 2008). For instance, pornography is legal and culturally accepted in most developed nations and businesses built around the pornography industry are legal and recognized by the governments to the extent of being taxed. Yet, in some countries, pornography is not just culturally unacceptable, but also illegal and punishable by law.

The Wikileaks case is a complex case because of the dynamics surrounding it. However, the Wikileaks saga can be said to have violated the law for not just accessing private information without the permission of the authorities involved, but also leaking this information to the public. As Gary (2012) points out, not only did the Wikileaks network break the laws of other nations, but it risked the peace of the nations for whose the information belonged creating tension that could lead to wars or riots. Because the curbing of cyber crime will have to be fought by all nations in the world, the United States of America may have to cooperate with foreign governments in this war and extradite Wikileaks founder. However, the decision may have to depend on a number of things, such as whether the country to which Julian Assange is going to be extradited has a proper judiciary system that will allow for an effective due process (Godfrey, 2011).


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