Free Legalize or Illegalize Marijuana Essay Sample

Various movements to legalize the use of marijuana are gaining steam. Some regions in California have already legalized marijuana for medicinal reasons. According to Rasmussen International poll, approximately 40 percent of Americans strongly believe marijuana should be legalized. However, others strongly oppose marijuana’s legalization basing their claims on health and other diverse effects associated to its use. In light of this, paper discusses the reasons for legalizing and illegalizing the use of marijuana.

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Marijuana is not detrimental as alcohol or tobacco if used under control. Many medical doctors affirm that marijuana is not extremely harmful under moderate use. Some research has also indicted that marijuana is only harmful when abused. The proposers of legalization argue that abusing alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes or even pizza have much more effects than abusing marijuana. As such, marijuana should be legalized, and the other drugs having adverse health effects should be illegalized. Doctors have also asserted that marijuana is less addictive than tobacco or alcohol. Legalizing marijuana is likely to avert the detrimental effects associated to tobacco or alcohol.

Legalizing marijuana is significant in that it increases personal freedom. Personal freedom refers to the right of a person to choose what benefits him or her. Despite marijuana having some effects, some people may not see the harmful nature. Illegalizing the drug will not only solve the problem related to it but will also deprive them the right to personal freedom. The use of marijuana is perceived as a victimless crime since the user is the only individual being affected. The supporting argument is that it is difficult to legislate morality, because many people (youths) consider marijuana use as moral.

Prohibiting marijuana would result in lower prices of the drug; hence reduced crimes such as theft. The illegal drugs are expensive because of the heavy risks linked to their production, transportation and sale. Many people that use marijuana have money to support their addiction. This implies that those who are addicted, but are unable to afford the product frequently resort to criminal activities to generate money to meet their cravings. Legalization will reduce the heavy risks of production, transportation and selling, consequently lowering the price and making marijuana affordable.

On the flipside of the coin, illegalizing marijuana has significant effects. Marijuana is frequently a stepping-stone drug. Many people addicted to marijuana are most likely to use heroin, cocaine or other hard drugs. Researches indicate that marijuana use always progresses to using of other drugs. Many users of hard drugs usually experiment with marijuana. As the addiction escalates, these people resort to extremely hard drugs such as LSD, cocaine and heroin to meet their addiction demands. Illegalizing the drug will significantly reduce the use of other hard drugs.

Illegalizing marijuana would substantially reduce road accidents and other dangers. Using marijuana cannot be a victimless crime. Despite all the education and severe penalties, drunk driving is still as a serious a problem. In addition, traffic police have stated “driving high” seems extremely hard to notice. Unless the addict used the drug in the car, there is no smell as in the case of alcohol to justify the use. Illegalizing marijuana will eliminate its use, in the car or outside the car, resulting to reduced car accidents.

In conclusion, reasons for legalizing marijuana outweigh the reasons for illegalizing it. Essentially, the effects related to the use of marijuana can be averted by other methods such as guiding and cancelling the users instead of illegalization.  Some of the reasons for legalization include increases personal freedom and lower prices of the drug. Reason for illegalization includes reduction in road accidents and other dangers. Illegalizing the drug will significantly reduce the use of other hard drugs.


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