Free Movement for Legalizing Marijuana Essay Sample

There has been heated debate concerning the legalization of marijuana within and without the United States. Marijuana is a common street and recreational drug that is obtained as dried leaves and flower heads of hemp plant (cannabis sativa, cannabis indica). Its pharmacologically active ingredient is biologically referred to as tetrahydrocannabinol.  The drug is used to heighten perception, and affect moods and relaxation. Approximately 30% of adults in the U.S use marijuana. Currently the drug is illegal in the United States and many other countries but legal in some countries such as Jamaica (Bageant 1).  While there are individuals who are widely opposed to the legalization of marijuana, I strongly feel and believe that marijuana should be legalized.

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For over one hundred years, the American government has tried to fight the use of marijuana with little success. This is because the individuals who use marijuana are always determined to defeat the government's efforts to reduce and decrease the supply and consumption of the drug.  Research suggests that the efforts to fight the use of marijuana have been very expensive to the economy as billions of dollars are directed towards legal fees for the individual who are apprehended while using the drug. Indeed, this money could be directed to others development programs such as drug education, to have an informed society rather than a regulated one (Bageant 1).

It is also very evident that scientists have established that marijuana has some beneficial medical uses. Ideally, it is used as an anxiolytic, analgesic, and antiemetic during cancer and AIDS therapy among others. Additionally, Marijuana plant can be used industrially as source of biofuel and this would greatly help reduce carbon emissions to the air as caused by the fossil fuel, and reduce food prices, which are normally heightened by the ever-increasing prices of fuel.

Thirdly prohibition policies that are meant to curb the us of marijuana have failed, as supported by the facts that marijuana is the largest crop in the U.S and is grown globally and the number of users continually increases relatively fast (Bageant 1). Furthermore, the biased approach of fighting the problem targeting the black and Hispanics races in America is a major setback since statistics have indicated that all individuals use the drug, be they black or white.  There is no doubt that a regulated market of marijuana would reduce the drug use among the youth and reduce access to other dangerous drug that they access through the backdoor routes on the search for marijuana (2).

However, the use of marijuana has harmful side effects such as impaired memory and decision ability, red eyes, withdrawal syndrome and lethargy on chronic use. It has bad effects on brain, heart, lungs and reproductive system. Nevertheless, marijuana considered a safer drug from the viewpoint of acute drug overdose unlike other legalized drugs such as alcohol and cigarette.

In conclusion, if the right policies are drafted and ratified, positive regulatory measures can be adopted to legalize marijuana and the whole problem of prohibition would be solved. Nevertheless, the question still begs, is legalizing marijuana the solution to stopping drug smuggling in America? Many other drugs are availed to people as they look for marijuana. If it's legalized then doors for cartels of the other drug will be closed. Indeed, I strongly believe that Marijuana should be legalized because of the reasons I have outlined.


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