Free Letter from Mary Ware Dennett to Margaret Sanger Essay Sample

Mary Ware Dennett to Margaret Sanger

The obscenity law which still exists in some of the states in America has been a major deterrent to those fighting for the right of people, especially women to determine when they would want to become others. In a letter from Mary Ware Dennett to Margaret Sanger March 12, 1921 she contrived to make this inhibition apparent by stressing on the obstacle posed by the obscenity law on the proposed New York State bill that proposed the availing of information. Dubbed the Lindsay Draft the act was meant to allow medical practitioner to give information to patients especially on the non medical issues of birth control.

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The two activist of this cause arguably made it overt that the issue of birth control and voluntary parenthood was being given a bad name for no apparent reason. They proposed for the states to allow for the circulation of vital information on the issue to strengthen the rationality of the choice of voluntary parenting and curb down accidental pregnancy.

They pointed out that they are in fact not allaying information that creates abortion but their effort is to allow for women to take charge of their lives and not let the revels of youth ruin their future. They also go a long way in insisting that the re is great need for people to get informed so that their choices are not made in ignorance. Thus the state in prohibiting the circulation of this information especially to people who lack access to it, and the sentiments of practitioners who refuse to offer this information is only injurious to society as people are not able to make informed choices.

In conclusion the letter is an effort to push their agenda as a pressure group with the society's interest at heart. They point out that the literature of their League repeatedly explains their belief that contraceptive instruction should emanate from the medical experts, not from amateurs. This is in an effort to ensure that only the right information reaches the public as selfish people can beguile the people with misconstrued information that might result to abortion and promiscuity. They thus are echoing sentiments that push for the state to allow and encourage such vital information to be channeled through the corridors of medical practitioners.


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