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Foreign Policy: Relevant and Relative in a Modern World

Foreign policy is of highest importance to a nation. Over many years that the United States has been in self-government, the nation has had different relationships with foreign sovereign states. Foreign policy or international relations change with respect to the kind of relationship between the nations implementing it. Sometimes, the foreign policy of a nation will affect the way the nation relates with other nations, sometimes the way a nation interacts with other nations, or affects the foreign policy of a nation. This has been very true for the United States of America. Many governments and administrations in the history of the United States America have had slightly and even different foreign policy to deal with the situation of the moment. In the first half of the 20th century, America was seen to be the warrior who was willing to go to war for almost any cause. While foreign policy should be closely tied to the interests of the nation. This is especially so, if the vehicle used to deliver this is war. As Dwight (1961) pointed in his farewell speech before his retirement, in the 20th century, the United States were seen to go to war with other countries even in situation where the circumstances leading to war did not have direct interests for the United States of America. The reason for this could have been that the nature of the national power and prominence tied towards the military, political and economical power of the nation. These three pillars of national sovereignty were also pinnacle in the military power of the nation, because any nation with military power would be powerful in the other two aspects. The kind of power discussed here is about the fact that nations need it to be able to protect their national interests and their citizens. This is what transformed the United States of America into the military giant it is today, because military budgets were increasingly inflated to make sure that the military might of the nation was forever of the highest importance (Arnold 25).

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Military power and action are still an important aspect and vehicle for the United States to implement their foreign policy, due to the fact that terrorism and security threats still exist. As long as there are many nations and groups out in the world who are willing to bring havoc on the United States of America, it will always be inevitable not to use the military action as one of the main ways to implement the foreign policy. The security and well-being of the American citizen must always be protected from many enemies, and therefore, military power must be maintained in a high degree in terms of both military might and military intelligence. This will guarantee that the nation has good protection against the external intruders, and that the citizens as well as the economy, and other national interests of the national are well guarded. The pillars that make the United States of America might be the first priority of any government, especially now that the United States have more enemies than ever in terms terror groups and other nations that strongly disagree with the foreign policy of the United States of America. The most important thing to note is the fact that the United States of America and its allies must remain firmly together, in order to be a stronger force against the common enemies, such as terrorism. Because foreign policy must engulf this ideology of allied nations and war as the means to end, this proper foreign policy may not be much of an option. For example, Israel has been a close ally of the United States of America, and together the two nations have done great and marvellous things. Having Israel on its side will also means having many enemies from the Middle East, because there has been a stubborn enmity between Israel and the Middle East. These second-class enemies will always pose a peace threat on the United States of America. At the same time, it is, as would be expected, a sudden break up from the past. The past of the United States of America, both the good and the bad, will continue to haunt it for a time. The history of America’s foreign policy and especially war and military action will have to continue shadowing the nation, even as the nation progresses to better civilization. It is very evident that humanity is approaching more civilization and acquiring more and better ways to achieve foreign policy and international relations through less aggregative means, such as diplomacy and international treaties and international unions, such as the United Nations group of nations (Robert 1998). However, even as the United States of America are far much ahead in this journey of civilization, its enemies remain in the past, and way and crude military aggression remain their main option of solving things. For this reason, it is important that the United States be alert in their military power and assertiveness.


The other fact to consider is that the world is moving to a new form of power, which is technological and scientific. The old days of atomic bomb and nuclear weaponry are fast fading away, and the race today is towards the special presence and, national space satellites and scientific breakthroughs in terms of understanding the universe. As a result, the new coalition’s fronts on which nations are coming together, and on which foreign policy they should be directed and geared towards, is the technological and scientific front. Launching the special satellites, especially intergalactic satellites, is very expensive, and even large nations, such as the United States of America, are finding very hard to finance such projects. This has led to two things. National budgets have been adjusted to the cost funding on such projects, in order to be able to deal with the prevailing economic crisis. The Obama administration, for instance, cost billions of dollars that were needed by NASA to complete some of its most important projects in the nation. The other emerging trend is the collaboration with other states on the carrying out of such projects. Potential partners on such projects include the fast growing China and Russia. In this regard, the foreign policy of today must start gravitating towards this end and leave the old-fashioned foreign policy of the old. As time travels, foreign policy will be embedded and enshrined in scientific endeavours and technology alliances, as the world uses these two things to travel to distant points in the universe for further opportunities. The world is becoming so immersed into this, and even the Middle East has started to realize that the old military front is becoming obsolete as a forum of foreign policy. The best example of how in future the technological and scientific front will become the major areas for freeing is the.

With regards to the four pillars for international relations and foreign policy, the olden attitudes towards the foreign policy will have to tear away the old ways and lead towards the new form by recognising the importance of international collaboration and teaming up in these futuristic projects. This is because the facet of international relations and ability to implement these polices have a profound effect on communication. It is also becoming very important in a modern world. These projects also offer very important economic opportunities, and therefore, just as military might held the other there pillars of foreign policy, scientific and technological might will hold this power intrinsically. However, the partners the United States of America will choose for this projects will also have very profound effects, because these projects, unlike the military projects, are not just very expensive, but are very much long-term, not to mention that some of them are implemented out of this world (in the space).


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