Free Mischief Halloween Essay Sample

Whether it is out of joy or just sheer urge to let off some of your bad behaviors, Halloween should not be allowed to get all the bad name tags such as mischief night, boogey night or crazy night it has gotten over the years. The Halloween evening somewhat allows people to commit very silly pranks some so simple but others go as far as damaging property, all in the name of Halloween. Halloween should be celebrated decently just like Christmas and New Year. It is interesting to realize that the children are the main culprit here when it comes to misbehaviors and damages incurred from Halloween evening celebrations. Children during Halloween just turn to be crazy individual because of the history of the holiday; they are made to believe that on this day one can do anything crazy and get away with it. The current perception of Halloween has derailed its original meaning in the world today.

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It is even becoming normal nowadays for the police to register numerous calls of vandalism on mischief night and the worst part is that no serious measure is being taken to curb these happenings. Parents who really care would not let out their children on Halloween evening because they know the potential danger awaiting their children in addition to the possibility of their children actually participating in the mischief. As much as we should notice that these kids do these acts not out of malice but thinking that they are funny, it is not an excuse at all to damage someone's property whatever the reason may be. You can almost hear them thinking that it is the Halloween night and its okay to do it. In the current society there is little respect for people's properties especially due to arrogance and jealousy, this does not make it right to destroy properties belonging to other especially in this case, on the Halloween night. Therefore the society should stop making the Halloween night an okay night.

The first responsibility lies with the parents to restrain their children from going out on the evening of 30th October because it is almost predictable that they will get down to some mischief. It is hard to keep the children home on a holiday like Halloween and they might just disappear even if you ground them, therefore restraining them from going anywhere should be done carefully; let them invite their friends over so that they all stay in the house and play or do something but indoors. This will help reduce the incidences reported on the Halloween evenings of children misconduct in the neighborhoods. 

Could the Authorities should make it clear to everyone that on that mischief night or any other night, when someone commits an act of crime in the name of mischief, they should be arrested and charged in accordance with the law. It is important to note that the parents whose children are arrested on the Halloween night doing criminal acts are squarely responsible for their irresponsibility. It is vital to dig deep into the history of Halloween and know what it really means since having been passed down from generation to generation, the facts behind it and the practices have been distorted making it lose meaning. It was initially known as All Souls Day where Catholics and Lutherans came out to honor all saints in heaven. We should ask ourselves; is this what it still means in the contemporary society? The answer is No because I don't think the activities and the crazy acts performed during Halloween in anyway honor the saints in heaven as it were in the original Halloween.   

Whatever the your understanding of having fun on Halloween evening, given that the original idea is long thrown out of the window, it should not involve acts of destruction of property or vandalism. All that should be done by the adults and not just parents alone should be taking responsibility and giving a good example to the children who pretty much follow what adults do thinking that it's cool. Let's all avoid mischief during the Halloween and have fun; after all we don't gain much from criminal acts done during this night, do we?


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