Free Parole and Probation Essay Sample

The main goal of the probation officers is to ensure reforms among the convicts. In order to achieve their goals they require a financial, social, independence and, freedom which is in adequate in the current system. “Probation and parole officers are assigned the responsibility of supervising convicted criminals in a community setting in such a way that the competing goals of punishment, public safety, offender rehabilitation, and deterrence are achieved” (Howard, 1999). This significantly undermines their efforts towards achievement of their goals.

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In my opinion, the public should not interfere with the system. The support from the government is necessary to the probation officers. This can be done through, adequate financing for the system, staff trainings, competitive remuneration and, adequate staffing.

The criminals receive punishment in order to rectify their wrong doings. Criminals should understand and, accept punishment for their crimes positively. “If their acts are serious enough to be deemed crimes, they make them liable to condign punishment” (Howard, 1999). In my view, the offenders should be given a fair chance and, each case given treatment instead of the general rules. It is crucial to establish fair system thus reduce complaint when offenders are receiving their punishment.

The system will not be successful in achieving its goals since it would be extremely difficult to rehabilitate criminals. “Probation strives to protect the community through the rehabilitation of the offender” (Howard, 1999) There will be a lot of congestion in prisons and, a large work load for justice administrators. In my view, the effects will be over whelming rendering the system chaotic and, ineffective. Probation plays a critical role in ensuring fair and, fruitful justice for offenders. “An effective probation program should ensure the protection of society or her adjust to a lawful life in the community” (Howard, 1999).

He was the original pioneer of modern probation. Children and, adults probation is inclusive in his probation. “He was the first probation officer and, the first person to apply the term probation to a correctional practice as an alternative to incarceration” (Howard, 1999). In my opinion, John’s idea helps to ease congestion in prison and, give criminals a fair chance to reform outside the confines of prisons. It also helps to rehabilitate offenders according to their individual crimes unlike prisons where the punishment may not be having the differentiations.


County probation helps to ease congestion at the state level and, also ensures serving of many offenders at convenient locations. “Banked probation places minimal or no requirements on the offender to visit or contact a probation officer” (Howard, 1999). In my opinion, the probation officers are able to carry out their duties due to convenience of the location. State level probation ensures uniformity for all offenders in the state (Howard, 1999). In my view, this helps in providing a uniform system and, standard probation to all offenders.


Probation is minimal at county levels due to inadequate funds and, resources available to support the system. “Counties have reduced probation services in response to growing budgetary shortfalls” (Howard, 1999). In my opinion, the government does not allocate enough resources to county probation thus rendering it inefficient. State level probation faces a lot of congestion and can not adequately serve all the offenders (Howard, 1999). In my view administering probation from the state level increases the workload for state officers thus hindering effective probation.


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