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Free Probation and Parole Essay Sample

Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS are two main diseases that are commonly reported in our prisons. Poor management of these correctional facilities makes it possible for these diseases to spread fast. Tuberculosis in particular spreads fast in our prisons mainly because they are highly populated hence putting many prisoners at risk. This disease is an air borne disease and if one of the affected people is enclosed with others, this disease may spread to the rest. HIV and AIDS is also a common disease in prisons. This disease spread by several methods among them having unprotected sex in the cells or by using sharp tools in the cells without sterilizing them (Caplan, 2008). To avoid rampant spread of such diseases with our correctional facilities, inmates should be accommodated separately based on their health status. Those with tuberculosis should be incarcerated together and their movement within the prison closely monitored and controlled. HIV positive patients should also be accommodated together so that the facility minimizes the possibility of spread and also to manage their health conditions effectively through close monitoring and rapid response to emergencies. Prudent policies that aim at enabling flow of information through transparent disclosures and necessary quarantine will help reduce TB and AIDs prevalence within prisons.  

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Parole releases are crucial in ensuring reformed prisoners get back into normal society and continue working for individual and common good.  Parole is vital since they give the chance for reformed prisoners to live their lives outside the confines of correctional facilities and potentially become productive members of society. Some people argue that parole jeopardizes the peace of a society since some of the released offenders are likely to commit similar or worse crimes and are best left top serve the remainder of their prisons in jail (Luxembourg, 2001). Abolishing is not a solution but controlling the effects ensuring that they enact the necessary mechanism to avoid parolees repeating their crimes. One such remedy is creating a parole bond which would discourage inmates released on parole to commit crimes. 


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