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According to Betts, Loescher & Milner (2012), the United Nations High Commissioner of Refugees (UNHCR) is a UN refugee charity that is mandated to offer protection to refugees as well as supporting them upon the request of their member nation’s government or the UN. The UNHCR offers assistance in their charitable repatriation or the local amalgamation as well as the relocation of refugees to a third nation.

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According to Steiner,   Gibney & Loescher (2003), the mandate of the UNHCR is the provision based on non-political and the humanitarian basis universal protection to refugees and strives to offer lasting solutions to their miseries. UNHCR has recently been tasked with the dealing with the Somali; Horn of Africa refugees in Mogadishu in the wake of Al-shabab menace and the 20 years confrontation with the leading government. This is a wider and global mandate that the organization has been offered to undertake in the refugee fortification and charitable assistance.

In the horn of Africa, UNHCR has been mandated to pilot as well as synchronize international action towards protecting refugees and resolving their predicaments in Somalia. The UNHCR is primarily supposed to safeguard the refugees right and their well-being by struggling to ensure that everyone of the refugees as the right to towards seeking asylum and get a safe refuge in other neighboring nations such as Kenya. However, this has to be undertaken with the option of getting back home on voluntary basis and having to integrate locally or having to resettle in a third country.

Zieck (1997), argued that UNHCR as a UN agency mandated to take care of refugees operate in nations that are members of United Nations although upon approval by the member countries they would offer assistance and humanitarian aid to the other suffering refugees worldwide. However, the extended services to the national refugees have to be welcomed by the nation leadership. For instance, in the horn of Africa, the Somali government had to ask for assistance to the UN for the UNHCR to come in and help their refugees.

Much funding of the UNHCR activities and operations comes from the United Nations financial coffers. The UN raises the finances from their member countries and channels a better share to UNHCR. In addition, the World Bank and the IMF also finance the operations of UNHCR (Zwaan, 2005). Other sources of funding include the donor aid from the wealthy few of the globe who feel sufficiently philanthropic to dedicate some of their riches to humanitarian abet and backing. Donor funding does offer a significant ration of the UNHCR total funding.

The workers and volunteers of UNHCR come from the member states students and international scholars in the countries where refugee issues are of concern.  According to Steiner,   Gibney & Loescher (2003), the countries whose have students in some of the involved nations ask the students to work as volunteers in the UNHCR operations towards alleviating the refugees from their misfortunes. The paid workers however come from the UN member states recruitment and participation on the refugee issues. These are normally trained experts who have the paramount skills necessary to undertake the provision of humanitarian aid and assistance.

These workers and volunteers; working with UNHCR are involved with humanitarian aid provision, and solving the refugees woes amicably. However, in trying to achieve the mandate of UNHCR, the organization workers and volunteers are faced by setbacks such as political instabilities of the affected nations, resistance and unwelcome by the national militia such as Al shabab in Somalia and Al Qaeda in Asia as well as infrastructure underdevelopment; this makes it hard to access the refugees and offer them the basic assistance that they so much desires and prolongs the overall time needed to succeed in their activities (Zwaan, 2005). Other problems include natural calamities such as poor weather patterns, lack of enough volunteers and dire need of help by the refugees. These among other minor bottlenecks are the ones faced by the UNHCR and UN in the execution of what they are mandated to undertake respectively. 


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