Free The Concept of Natural and Human Laws Essay Sample

Throughout history, human beings have constantly disliked and hated regulations and rules. In several ways, these conventional systems have always been perceived by individuals as being strict and stern limitations, which deter them from enjoying and accomplishing certain things they like to do. Since the beginning, the world has been bound by rules and regulations. All that people accomplish is and will always be guarded and guiding by rules that categorize and identify which things are tolerable and, which are not, as well as what are ethical and what things are ethically degrading (Boccaccio, 2010).

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Throughout the years, people have considered rules as the guiding lights in living moral and straight lives. Nevertheless, in this ever watched world, there are diverse sets of laws and rules that people live with and follow. One is the set of human laws, which were set and established and set by human themselves, while the other is the set of natural laws, which have been there even before the existence of man. Preferably, if people were to follow the proper set of rules, then everything would fall into place. Conversely, people are currently questioning what set of laws really appear to be more significant.

Throughout the history of man, the thought of the following few words has formed as much perplexity as the words law and nature. The words can presume very diverse meanings, some of which may not be sufficiently clear. Certainly, when people apply the words in their arguments, they frequently switch from one implication to another without being aware of it as well as the trap and logical fallacies, they are subject to. It is therefore, important to take a succinct look at how the ideas of "natural laws" and "human law" began, how they have developed over time as well as how they can best be understood.

Though out the entire western civilization, there has been a common ancient belief that beyond the imperfect human laws drafted by human legislators one can come across, absolutely just, tacit "natural law" created by God. According to Boccaccio, human laws are legal only insofar as they match up to the natural law, and everybody can discern for themselves what the human or natural law demands basically by using his rationale. Originally, it is the undeviating outlook of the godly Will. As a result, it is eternal, unchangeable and universal. In addition, its set of laws must and can be found with the assistance of the correct reason. Every person has a sacred responsibility to comply with both the natural and human laws. Every time, he goes against any of the rules; he contravenes his own "true nature" and as a result involuntarily punishes himself (Boccaccio, 2010).

Consequently, the impression of a Natural Law means that ethical principles are immanent in nature, and they act as the guiding light on how we should behave. As long as we obey the human and natural laws, we are bound to fulfill our actual destiny. The people’s actions will be natural and perfectly moral. Therefore, if each person acted according to his personality, that is the better self, our world would be forever be in peace, justice and harmony.

Outside the unity presented by the frame account, Decameron offers a unity in theoretical attitude. The ethic of mercantile predominates and prevails. The urban values and commercial values of sophistication, intelligence and quick wit are cherished, while other vices such as dullness and stupidity are punished and cured by both natural and human laws. Although these values and traits may seem palpable to the contemporary reader, they were a budding aspect in Europe with the increase of monetized economic system past the conventional rural monastery and feudal systems, which placed superior value on loyalty and piety (Cicero, 2002).


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