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In every level of governance there are law and policies which are passed and every now and then amended to implement public policy. These laws usually enforce public policy in a nation or state and they also offers some essence of public service. This laws act as a buffer to protect the right of the population of the state from abuse of their human rights and protect their well being. The main function of the law presently to public policies is promulgating and implementing public policies which serve for the good of the public as noted by Shafritz, Et al (2001).

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Alcohol laws of Wisconsin

The alcohol law of Wisconsin is among the most unique laws in the United State local law and regulation. According to Martin (2000) this is by standard the most regulated and restrictive law concerning the age required for alcohol consumption which is at 21, and the time the retail sale hours of wine and liquor 8 mid day to 9 p.m.

Historically this law emanates just as Wisconsin become a state, the settler commonly known as the Yankees concerned with the German immigrant Sunday drinking sprees and the looming alcoholism prevalence. The legislature of this state in the year 1849 passed the alcoholism law. Later in 1859 this law was amended and the sale of liquor on Sunday was prohibited. Later amendments to curb alcoholism were implemented in 1872 and 1933 (Ranney, 1999). 

The aim of this law is to curb early indulgence in alcohol and also reduce alcoholism among adult and this is gravitated toward a working and focused state. This law helps the public to stay focused and reduce crimes and social behaviors related to excessive consumption of liquor as echoed by Hubbuch (2009).

This policy allows the public to be morally straightened and engineered to be focus on development than more on leisure and idleness in future. It has the best interest of the public and serves the good of the development of this state which in turn creates a serene living condition for them.


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