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Free The Post-AIDS Movement Essay Sample

The post-AIDS movement has seen major items that are used being kicked out of advertisement due to their negative effects to the contemporary world where we have people that are affected by the AIDS pandemic. The negative effect of sex revolution to people living with AIDS has seen these items that have a relative relationship with sexual acts, but have the relative importance ion the diagnosis of this disease.  The advertisement of things that are directly involved with sex can have a negative impact to youth as a thing like condom advertisement on TV will influence them to be engaged in sexual activities.  This can enhance sexual activity among the youths and can lead to unprotected sex which definitely will result to contracting the deadly diseases that the advertisement was targeting. Parents have to take action in educating their children about safe sex when they attain the age that is suitable to be educated. Items that have to be used in the treatment or the diagnosis of conditions that are with the people are easily advertised due to the fact that they do not directly touch on sex that is widely seen as a taboo.

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Due to the fact that prostitution in some instances is viewed to be against the morals of the society, it can also be viewed as an occupation like any other as there is provision of employment to those involved in the act. Thus, the issue of prostitution should not be taken lightly as to a much extent; it is a contributor to the economy thus enhancement of money circulation and also the payment of taxes to the government. Money that is generated from this profession finds its way to the economy through purchasing of other consumer goods.

Due to the high percentage of abuse to the profession by the members of the population, the government should provide adequate laws that safeguard the rights of the prostitutes.  Thus indulgence to prostitution one has to overcome the many cases that are associated with the profession. The prostitutes need to be provided with benefits of both health and retirement as their occupation was positively contributing to the economy. There should also be enhancements of programs that educate these prostitutes of the importance of practicing safe sex with their clients to avert the dangers that are involved with the unprotected sex.

The power of knowledge lies primarily through gathering of information from the various types of media in the world. The dissemination of information to the general public helps them to acquire certain information that brings a lot of benefit to their lives.  The spread of malady can be minimized when information that concerns its spread is relayed to the population as they become aware of the means and ways to which the epidemic is spreading and thus they are equipped with the mechanisms of curbing it. The dissemination of information to the population particularly through TV has helped in wiping of ignorance and arrogance that thrive within peoples minds.  

Media plays an important role in the diagnosis of information to the population at the right time thus enhancing their preparedness of any occurrence of an epidemic. They have the power and the courage that is required to face the epidemic as the information reaches to them within the shortest time. The information acts as a guide in the management of the epidemics and this provide an avenue for preventing further spread of the epidemic. The information thus provide an avenue for the population’s decisions making using information at hand and the action taken which usually results to the minimization of the spread.

Legalization of prostitution can play a major role in contributing to the economy as this practice is medieval, and the direct contribution to the economy is minimal with criminal acts that are associated with the illegal prostitution. Legalizing of prostitution prevents the underground prostitution which has the effects of forced prostitution and the introduction of the minors to the profession. The act of prostitution will therefore be effectively managed instead of it being ignored as the case of it being illegal. The crime figures that are always organized will not be able to treat their workers as subhuman and they will be unable to control women as this will give the prostitutes the equal right as the ordinary women have been accorded. Prostitution is a personal choice and will be open under the philosophy of free and dynamic society. The minors will not be forced to prostitution as the occupation will be highly organized thus enabling the law enforcers to monitor its activities and it will be easier for them to detect any minors involvement in the profession.

The reality shows can be used to play an important role to the fight against the HIV pandemic and the sex revolution of the post-AIDS movements that has been seen to be rising. The pops that are hosted relatively points out to areas that can have significant impacts to this fight against HIV as they can improve in the fight if they are applied, even though some would not be having an impact for some time. The population is made aware of the possibilities of methods that can be applied to the fight and thus forming a culture that is aware of the effects of HIV, and joining hand in hand to fight the pandemic. Their arguments concerning the fight do contribute to the fight as they bring out points that are necessary in enhancing the fight. The pops in the reality shows usually provide powerful messages to the population through the shows which in reality have a great impact to the fight and also equip the masses with the necessary information that enhance their fight if they are effectively applied.


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