Free United States Constitution Essay Sample

A constitution refers to the rules and values that govern a country or state. It is the supreme law of the land in that particular country. All citizens must abide to it. It can either be written or unwritten. The United States of America has a written constitution. In the constitution there is complete separation of powers to ensure that there is no part of the government that dominates the country's rule. This has been made possible with the use of the federal system; it divides power between the national government and the states. There are defined laws on what one can or cannot do. For instance, though there are laws that govern each state, these laws must be fair and not discriminatory. If a person from another state commits a crime in a different state the penalty is the same with that which is given to the residents. However, the rules in each state should not contradict those of the national government and they should also go hand in hand with the laws stipulated in the constitution.

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Separation of powers also extends to the different arms of the government. The legislative power is exercised by the House of Representatives and the Senate. They are the ones in charge of coming up with the governing rules and is also responsible for punishment of its members. The Congress has the primary power of the government. The executive also has its powers and is headed by the president. He has powers to appoint ambassadors, public ministers and judges but only with the consent of the Congress. This also applies to signing of treaties. This ensures that what decision he makes is at the best interest of its people and not self centered. The judicial power is exercised in courts and there are laws stating what cases may be heard in each court and the penalties therein.

It is clear that though each arm in the federal government has its role; it has some limiting factors meaning that no one can have the supremacy to enact powers that are discriminatory and so everyone is well taken care of. The constitutional goal of equity and fairness and its achieved through the separation of the powers since this way discrimination is eliminated. The first ten amendments in the constitution constitute the bill of rights and which all the arms of the government cannot go against. Each person has a right to exercise freedom of speech, movement and even privacy for example as long as in doing so they do not disturb the rest of the society. This ensures that everyone can enjoy having their own space and thus they are not controlled on what they can and they cannot do.

The constitution of the United States has the well being of its citizens prioritized as the role of all and sundry is well defined to prevent unnecessary conflicts. Any constitution should give the citizens comfort in their homes as they live according to the set rules. Everyone has a fundamental duty to obey it and they can only do that if it is human friendly and as long as their needs are prioritized. It should not leave the citizens helpless and at the mercy of selfish leaders because if not limited, they could end up being dictators leaving the citizens in agony.

The federal system ensures that the commoners are heard as it is easier because it is nearer the people as compared to a centralized government. Through their senators, the needs of every state and even laws that best suite the residents of that state are well represented in the Congress and hence there is harmonious existence between the members of the different states.

Since the Congress consists of the House of Representatives and The Senate, there are guidelines that state the exact role of each of the members ensuring that there are no conflicts arising therein. There is a balance between the two bodies so as to enhance their peaceful co-existence and drive the country to higher heights as they perform all that which they are entitled to. This is because together they share many roles.

The main goal of the United States constitution is to make sure that everyone within its jurisdiction is served by all the clauses in it peacefully and fairly. No one is more important than the other as it is a free country which respects the ideas of everyone provided they are abiding to the already set rules. Like all constitutions all over the world it is clear that it has been able to achieve equality and fairness as everything regarding this is well stated and taken care of. The bill of rights is the best example of how individual concerns are catered for in the constitution.

It also clearly states that when a citizen breaks a law stipulated in the constitution he or she has a right to make his or her case known before a judge for judgment to be passed. No one should punish him or her outside the court; he or she has a right to trial.

In conclusion it is clear that the United States constitution meets the standards of catering for the needs of its citizens whereby there is no dominance of one group of people and hence enhancing equity.


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