Free Connection between Theocritus’ City and Poems Essay Sample

Theocritus is conceivably the originator of the mythical variety of pastoral poetry. However, very little is known about this famous poet, apart from what can be got from his writings. Theocritus was born in Sicily, Greece at a place named Syracuse to Philinna and Praxagoras. Critics say that some of the poems he wrote for instance the Idylls have little authenticity. That notwithstanding, Theocritus is credited the world over for his massive contribution to the genre of rustic poetry. His work has exerted remarkable influence on literature especially in Europe. The Idylls comprises of thirty short poems that were credited to Theocritus in ancient times possibly incorrectly. The collection is inspired by the yearnings and apprehension of the Greek shepherds and straightforward country folk. Nevertheless, many readers of his literally works acknowledge that Theocritus poems explore an amazingly wide variety.

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According to critics, Theocritus identified his works in two major groups. The first group comprises of the Bucolics and the Mimes and the second group is made up of lyrics, epigrams and epics. The bucolic and the mimes portray country scenes while the latter portrays scenes from the city.  These two divisions are however brought together by some connections or similarities depicted by the messages in them. Most of his work comprised of short hexameters, insinuations and seemed to cast a lot of linguistic innovation.  One of the messages that is so clear is the message of love and its influences on people. In the Bucolic xi, Polyphemus is shown being in love with the sea-nymph Galatea and getting comfort in singing. Love can also be seen in Mime ii, where Simaetha when left by Delphis narrates her love story to the moon. On the other hand of the city poems, love is evident in the epigram Love Stealing Honey and Passionate Lover. The lyrics also display a message of love as seen in Lyric xxix (Aeolic Dialect) the theme of this poem is similar to that of Bucolic xii, which talks of a nice and attractive youth in love. These poems in addition to the ones mentioned above depict that Theocritus’ work was among other genres, love inclined.

In conclusion, Theocritus used a strong genre of love in his poems, both the ones that depicted the city scenes and the ones that depicted country scenes. This forms a connection between the two locations though critics say that some of the work claimed to be his might actually not be his. 


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