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The essence of the human life being at all times was one of the most controversial questions in the world. People from the early childhood to the late ages have to address this issue to make their daily moral choice when creating the line of behavior in different life’s situations.  Analyzing culture traditions that the elder generation transmitted them, religion, education and individual experience, people create their personal system of priorities based on the vision of the core life values. There is no surprise that such diversity of values exists in the world if taking into account that each person has his or her individual perception of the life’s issues. All of them one can find in the literature that is the reflection of the human life with its crucial aspects depicted from the author’s perspective. Thus, the paper seeks to discuss the friendship as the core human value based on the Edward Forster’s A Passage to India.

At fist sight, it may seem that the novel A Passage to India by Edward Forster is a usual narration that undermines all the human values, including love, friendship, faith, etc. However, if one can understand that showing the absence of something is the best way to emphasize its true meaning than the deepness of the artwork becomes rather evident. Thus, a lot of aspects the author rises in the novel underlying its controversial nature and diverse perception of them by all the characters. However, one of the issues seems to be depicted more distinct than the others, and it is friendship. Aziz, who is one of the central characters, believes in this life value and, going through the testing of it, express numerous essential conclusions concerning its essence. If taking into account the others Foster’s works it may seem that the author transmitted his personal vision of the issue by the means of Aziz. Thus, in the What I believe Edward Foster wrote “what is good in people – their belief in friendship and loyalty for their sake”. One more confirmation to the author’s treasuring the interpersonal relation is claiming about Foster’s readiness to betray the country rather than a friend if the situation would make him choose.

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Traveling to the Marabar cave is the central event in the novel that discloses the nature of the characters, their way of thinking and life’s priorities through the profound symbolism. The cave itself is the primary symbol that could be interpreted in diverse ways. But in the context of the analyzed issue it seems to be the “essence” of human being that people try to find during whole their life. It is the emptiness and darkness that always remain unchangeable, and everyone understand it through the prism of their personal expectations and priorities. Moreover, the echo’s is another essential metaphor that means inevitable feedback of everything people can do. Thus, human sense of life is the reflection of their acts, considerations, expectations, fears, etc. That is why to find the essence of the human being means to find oneself. Interpersonal communication or friendship is the best way to manage this task and may the only one. To emphasize the value of communication during the journey Aziz claims that “it is an expedition of friends”. 

In this concern, the question appears whether any of communication can be considered as friendship and where it begins or ends. Thus, Aziz treated Mrs. Moore as his friend even they met only a few times. In his novel, the author emphasized that these two characters had similar ideals giving the reader an idea of the commonness in views was the ground for the friendship. And further he confirmed this thing claiming that Aziz and Fielding “have acquired a mutual understanding” that is impossible without common interests, priorities and ideals.

If the relations with the Mrs. Moore did not bring any negative experience, the friendship with the Fielding collapses. By the means of this situation, Foster revealed one more significant component of the relations between friends. It is the reliability. Showing the Fielding’s betrayal of Aziz the author goes reverse and emphasizes the meaning of “being reliable as possible”.

Moreover, the failure in the friendship between Fielding and Aziz raises the issues of multicultural relations. Thus, the fact that two friends of central character were the English confirms that friendship has no borders or other national features. At the same time, personal Fielding’s betrayal become the ground for the prejudices related to the whole nation.  Thus, Aziz “becomes convinced that friendship with the English is impossible until they leave India” .

 All the characters, not only Aziz, advance friendship more that marriage. It seems illogical and may cause numerous objections of people with the strong family traditions. However, if considering the facts mentioned above concerning mutual understanding, similar ideals, and reliability as the integral parts of friendship the author’s message becomes clear. Any of spouses could not be happy without the same components that are inherent in friendship. That is why the official marriage is not the decisive factor when the friendship would certainly strengthen any of couples.

It may seem paradoxical, but the same interpretation may be applied concerning the religious questions. The faith and belief could not be meaningful and just when they are not confirmed in daily action by the decent treatment of the others people. The friendship is the manifestation of successful personal relationships, and it is “something comparatively solid in a world full of violence and cruelty”.

The idea of the friendship as an indicator of interpersonal communication should bring the readers the thought that it is also the crucial precursor and universal instrument for solving of the majority world issues, including local as well as international conflicts. The value of friendships that means mutual understanding, reliability, and faith in spite of the evidence, avoiding the pressure and inequality should be the core element of all the social processes. Thus, relations between two people, family communication, the community of the city or country and finally the cross-national dialog could be successful and peaceful even when all the participants follow the value of friendship. Such approach is especially significant in the nowadays conditions when people aimed at material wealth and its sharing. Nothing today can save the situation besides “Change of Heart”.

Moreover, people have nothing to share because they came to the world being naked and should go out of it also without any of material things. They remain naked during the whole life if they do not gain the moral “clothes” to their mortal body. Forster emphasizes the aspect of ethnic segregation showing the friendship between Indian Aziz and  his two British friends  and ending his work What I Believe with the philosophical words: “I am naked under my shirt, whatever its color”. 

Thus, Edward Forster disclosed the friendship as a rather wide and meaningful notion that goes far beyond the having common leisure as it is used to be treated. The author revealed the significance of friendship as the core value in interpersonal communication that determines the success of all the social process. If the readers can imagine the human wealthy as the huge world house, they could consider the friendship as the building’s walls holding the roof that could be interpreted as safety to which people strive for whole their life. Without solid walls, people could not feel themselves in safe. Moreover, in the international context each of conflicts destroys this wall of friendship creating the threat for the whole building. That is why friendship between two people also has the crucial meaning for the common wealthy and is the core human   value among the others.


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