Free Edgar Allan Poe Essay Sample

When a man kills for self defense, he needs not to be punished because he only acts in a way to defend himself from being hurt. The man does not need to be persecuted for he killed the old man who lived in his house for self defense and it is evident that he is not a mad man because he clearly takes us through his acts. The old man used to give him unnecessary worries because he had a frightening eye. The man in the story is trying to rationalize his acts of committing a heinous act of murdering the old man.

The story maximizes suspense as an aspect of delivery which brings forth anxiety to the reader. The reader wants to know the reason why the man acted in that manner and if he is in his right mind. It is thrilling to the reader to see how the man employs suspense in his explanation to the crisis he caused. Diction has been employed for the correct choice of words that best fits the situation created by the narrator. He has explained in details as to why he killed the man and why the readers should not think of him as an insane man. He tries to confirm that his mind was in the best state and he did what was the best to secure his life. He is irrational from the humane perspective of life and he needed not to rationalize his acts. He begins by telling us that he had lots of love towards the old man but he felt that his vulture-eye was making him cower every time he looked at him.

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It is ironic that he is in charge of every move he makes in his quest to execute his heinous act. He takes us through the process he underwent in the mission of killing the old man. The manner in which imagery has been used paints the old man as fearful and to some extent the reader is in favor with the decision made by the so-called mad man. His plot to commit evil is a process of delivering himself from the eye of the old man.

There could have been other means of staying away from this man like migrating to a new area but he chooses not to follow the easier way. He says that mad men know nothing which confirms our suspicion that he knew very well what he was planning to do. He vividly explains how he went about committing the crime and the fears that came in him in a manner that no mad man would have done.

In the initial paragraph, the man claims to love the old man and contradicts himself by saying he has no passion for him even if he had not wronged him in any way. He committed the murder out of necessity.  When the man entered the old man’s house we are anxious to see what happens but the old man could not make out what is happening to him. He concludes that it was a rat that was disturbing his sleep. It is ironic that the reader knows what is happening to the old man yet he does not know the danger that is in the offing because he can not really think that an intruder can get into his house.

By killing the old man, he thought he was going to rid himself of that pale blue eye forever but is worsened his situation. He is haunted by the acts he committed and the police are on him. However much he tries to roam in the house so as to disrupt the sound of the watch coming from unidentified point in the house, he has no peace. It is a situational irony because the man places his chair on top of where the remains of the old man laid yet the police officers who chatted with him could not notice anything. The police officers were fully convinced that the shriek from the house had nothing to do with insecurity so they continued to have a warm chat with the man.

The suspense created by the actions the man gets involved in, makes someone to get really anxious of what is going to happen next. The reader feels that the man needs to be saved from the acts. The manner in which the old man is described to us portrays him as a dangerous man who needs to be executed. The manner in which the man defends his acts of killing the old man and leaving him dead makes the reader to be ‘in cahoots’ with the man committing murder. In the reader’s subconscious mind the act of murder is taken to be a positive move because it is done for self defense.

The man is so smart in committing this heinous act that he leaves no trace of blood after chopping the old man corpse in pieces. The reader is also contented that when police officers come they will not find evidence that a man had been killed. The mistake the man makes is to forget to remove the watch from the clothes which has betrayed him. The story meets all the steps a story goes through by having an introduction, crisis and climax plus the falling action. The man is trying to be smart with the policemen but they have beaten him in his own game. The reader feels sorry for the man because he is supposed to have emerged the winner in this act. It is the need to uphold the morality of acts done in life that makes him be caught by the police. It is contradicts his expectations because he feel that by killing them and he would lead a happy life ever after but it has turned to be the beginning of a traumatic life that he has no control over. What the man undergoes is contrary to he reader’s expectation because the protagonist is in crisis.


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