Free Georges Batalie’s Story of the Eye Essay Sample

Georges Batalie’s “Story of the Eye” can be classified as an outrageous and unacceptable narrative whose storyline is woven around obvious themes and descriptions that undermine the creativity of literature. Indeed, the story can be described as being uncanny in the Freudian sense because there are certain sections in the storyline that Georges could have infused some element of creativity, a common trait with most literary works. For example, Georges describes an incident in which they were surprised to see the bullet make a star-shaped crack on the window panes of their house. This description is very obvious to the common reader, even someone with little knowledge about guns.

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George is desperately trying to bring out the concept of sexual fantasies; however, he lacks the unique talent of giving a deliberate, vivid, and canny description of a single encounter. For example, in one section, Georges is a describing an encounter between the two girls; however, he soon diverts the attention from the action to something else that is not related to the scene. The decision to suddenly divert the reader from this description is unwelcome and untimed.

Finally, Georges book “The Story of the Eye” lacks the clever use of figurative language. Most literary genre concentrating on human sexuality tends to use this in order to maintain the interest of their readers. For example, Georges describes, “Our personal hallucination now developed as boundlessly as perhaps the total nightmare of human society, for instance, with earth, sky, and atmosphere”. Indeed, this statement is utterly ridiculous because there is no careful choice of words; hence, makes little sense to the reader.


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