Free Hamlet's Character Vengeance Essay Sample

Hamlet’s character shows vengeance and justice to those who killed his father. Due to this hatred towards Gertrude, he blames women for being unfaithful, deceitful, and uncaring. He directs the hatred to the better half, Ophelia. They get into a relationship that seems to be so complicated.

Hamlet’s mother appears as an ignorant woman, who keeps a dark secret of killing the previous husband. She reveals herself as malicious and hypocritical. Nobody seems to know that she killed the former King of Denmark, who was Hamlet’s real father. She happens to be hasty, as she remarries as soon as the husband dies. By this she shows no sadness for her husband’s death. She can also be termed as adulterous.

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Ophelia had fallen madly in love with Hamlet, who did not reciprocate the love. He made fun of her innocent appearance until she died.

The setting considers the time location and everything, which the story takes for it to be effective. The play was performed at Elsinore in Eastern Denmark. This evidenced by the presence of the castle where the Hamlet’s family lived as royalty. The presence of the plains and churchyard also shows the possibility of the place being in Denmark. In this setting the play is relevant because of the presence of kingship. The big churches represent the king and queen type of authority.

The background in the film involves the use of songs to go along with the moods of the scene. In some scenes the actors also sing to express their emotions. There is also the use of personal self-talks. The writer has to keep in mind the styles of narrating a story and the features to use to capture the audience. The use of humor and metaphor appears as a very efficient way to attract an audience to the story.

Comparison between Gertrude and Ophelia

They both act as recipients to Hamlet’s bad intentions. Gertrude appears to be the one, who receives the protagonist’s disgust. Hamlet abuses Ophelia’s feelings by directing his anger for women at her. Hamlet has anger and resentment towards his mother for accursedly killing his father. Gertrude also gets harsh and cruel treatment from Hamlet.

Both, Gertrude and Ophelia are tender at heart. They attempt to bring peace in the family, despite the harsh and cruel ways that Hamlet treats them. They are motivated by their love for Hamlet and desire to have peace.

They both also endure some suffering from the great bonds that they have with their family and friends. The breakup of Ophelia’s relationship with her love has brought a lot of emotional discomfort to her. She is shocked when she receives a visit from Hamlet after the ghost’s appearance. Gertrude also suffers after Hamlet annoys King Claudius with the mousetrap.

Both, Ophelia and Gertrude’s deaths occur as effects of interference with their love-life. Laertes, Ophelia’s brother, Hamlet, and Polonius, Ophelia’s father, interfered with the love-life of Ophelia. This resulted in her death. Gertrude’s relationship with King Claudius had also been interfered with by Laertes, Polonius, and Hamlet.

The main difference between Ophelia and Gertrude is in their sinful acts. Gertrude appears to be a murderer and a hypocrite, while Ophelia seems to be shy and innocent. Even Ophelia’s sexuality has been well maintained, while Gertrude appears to be adulterous.

Another difference between them revealed in the play; the death of Ophelia’s father, alienation by his spouse, and Hamlet’s attitude devastated her. Gertrude, on the other hand, could never feel any remorse for the death of any man.

Margaret Atwood’s “Gertrude talks back” implies the scene where Hamlet converse with Gertrude. Gertrude’s character has posed a great deal on the men in the play. They still love her despite how wicked her character reveals itself. The woman according to this reading appears to be respected and loved. Sons respect their mothers, and husbands give due respect to their wives. Claudius does not show disrespect for Gertrude. Hamlet loses his patience and his anger; he shouts and exchanges words with his mother. This comes due to lack of anger management. The fact is that Gertrude is his mother and will always be, no matter how evil and unfaithful she seems to be.

The book “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead” uses the characters with the same names from the Hamlet. In this book, their role is that of the main character, but the story concept contrasts that of the Hamlet. These main characters were minor in the Hamlet filming. In this film version, Hamlet appears very rarely throughout the film.

The story of The Lion King appears to have similar themes with the Hamlet story. It has very many likenesses in the occurrence. The idea of the story seems to have been derived from the Hamlet story. The events that occur appear to be the same. Even the characterization of the both films is somewhat the same. The Lion King film is said to have adopted its ideas from Shakespeare’s writings.

Hamlet’s father is murdered in the beginning of the story. Likewise in “The Lion King”, Simba’s father is also killed. The both fathers are kings, and so their sons are their heirs.

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The both fathers are killed by their relatives. In “Hamlet” the father to the protagonists gets murdered by the wife. In the story of “The Lion King”, Simba’s father was killed by the uncle, who wanted to inherit the title of the King. Gertrude even showed no sadness during the husband’s funeral. This makes many to be left with doubts about his death. This triggers Hamlet to seek for the truth. In The Lion King, Scar pretends to care for the young Simba. His main aim is to kill him so that he can inherit the throne.

The major themes in the both stories circle around revenge. Both, Simba and Hamlet desperately thirst for revenge for their fathers’ deaths. They struggle to seek justice and peace in their quest for vengeance. Simba innocently discovers the truth about his father’s death. He gets furious and gathers support to be able to revenge. Hamlet also wants to revenge his father’s murder. He even discovers that his mother killed him. This infuriates him and gets him confused. But the vision of his father appears to him and encourages him. They all want what is best for everyone. They seek for justice to those who are innocent and to put down the evil minded.

The brothers to both kings take over the kingdom. In The Lion King, Scar, uncle to Simba, takes over the kingdom. This explains why he has always attempted to kill Mufasa, the father to Simba. In “Hamlet”, the mother appears to be the murderer to the previous king, Hamlet’s father. In both books the thirst for authority leads the relatives to commit murder to their own family members. This shows how much greed can lead to hatred and deaths of the people we love and treasure in our lives. The story has a moral lesson to control one’s anger and level of jealousy. Every bad deed has to be revenged must have consequences some time. The main antagonists in the both stories are punished by death, just the same way they have tortured the innocents.

In both tales, both princes have visions that appear to them. They both have visions of their fathers in directing them on what to do for them to get the justice they thirst.

In both tales, the antagonists face death in the end. In the story of the Hamlet, Claudius dies. In The Lion King, Scar is killed the same way he kills the brother, Mufasa. The uncles play the roles of the villains.

The characters in the play “Hamlet” specially play their roles as assigned. The main characters seem to be Gertrude, Ophelia, and Hamlet. Gertrude’s role expresses itself as the antagonist and the main character with a dark secret. Ophelia’s role appears to be innocent and good willed. Hamlet’s role is the main role. He appears to be the one who reveals the secrets of the story and becomes the hero of the film version. The setting of the film had just the perfect environment to show the type of leadership. Denmark is well known for the kingship type of leadership. Shakespeare chose these settings to suite the type of story. Castles mainly exist in the European countries. The presence of the castle gives enough evidence of the place as Denmark. The plains usually exist in the Northern countries, like Denmark.

The historical background behind the film allows the events to come to life. The kings and queens type of leadership has existed since the early years. The time, therefore, depicts the type of lifestyle the characters lived. They lived the luxurious lifestyle since they were the royal family. Their historical background, according to many others, showed that royalty comes through inheritance. The plot should bear the thirst for revenge and for justice to be done to them. The theme should also be that of vengeance for any wrong act. As the writer, the cast would have to qualify in acting the part. They should have quality gestures and facial expressions. They should know how to act the part as required. The use of styles and features that attract the audience gives the film an alluring theme. The writers should have the knowledge of this styles and features for efficient stories.

In conclusion, the writer, Shakespeare, accomplished the attempts to show the themes of the story. “Hamlet” has an unexpected ending. All the main characters die. This is similar to other Shakespeare’s books, like “Romeo and Juliet”. This also has another similar story. It has the name “West Side story”. They have some similarity in characters and settings.  It occurs that the style that the author uses makes his novels interesting. He leaves the reader thirsty for more action. His stories have achieved many successes. They have won several Grammy awards and have been chosen as set books for students.

According to the analysis, it is clear that character performance, settings, background, and the cast are the main components of any play or film. They may cost a lot, but it proves worthwhile. Shakespeare has been named as one of the famous fiction writers. His tragedy, “Romeo and Juliet” hit the market and attracted thousands of people. This title managed to bring his name into the hall of fame. The story stirred a lot of emotions and got people playing it from stage to performing songs.


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