Free Influence of Gods on Human Behavior Essay Sample

It is important to figure out the influence of the gods on the human race. It is important to find out, in order to justify the use of resources in order to write about the goods and to talk about the gods. If there is nothing significant derived from studying the literature linked to the gods, then, there is no justification for the continuous unwise utilization of resources. In studying one of the greatest literature that describes the relationship between gods and men, in the study of Ramayana, one can find insights in order to answer the above-mentioned question. After studying Ramayana, one can make the argument that gods influence human lives and events in the reinforcement of the carrot and stick method for altering human behavior and the establishment of an ideal that they are going to pursue for the rest of their lives.

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Carrot and Stick Method: Reward and Punishment

According to a recent study on behavior modification, the use of the carrot and stick method has been proven to be effective in modifying the behavior of people. This is an ancient method in enforcing rules and compelling people to follow certain standards. In other words, the use of rewards and punishment has been around for a very long time. It is easy to understand how human beings are persuaded to alter their behavior if given the chance to receive the blessings of a reward or the pain that emanates from a punishment or even a threat of punishment.

If given the chance, a logical way of dealing with a difficult situation is to choose the reward. If there is a reward waiting for those who are going to suffer from the consequence of a certain action, then, they are going to go through a period of trial and testing because they knew that they are going to receive a reward that is equivalent to the suffering that they had to endure. On the other hand, if people cannot see a reward at the end of a difficult process, they are still going to persevere and they are still going to go through the process, because the threat of punishment is greater than the challenges or difficulty that they are facing at the moment.

Rewards and Punishment in the Ramayana

The concept of the use of rewards and punishment was made evident in the early chapters of the Ramayana, especially the incident when a queen received a warning of the impending doom that her son and her family are going to endure if another man ascended the throne. In the scene wherein the queen was being persuaded by an evil presence, one can see how the gods influence humanity through the promise of a reward or the threat of a punishment.

The Establishment of an Ideal

In this case the gods behind the banishment of Rama were using rewards and punishment in order to accomplish their schemes. After reading this type of stories, such as the interaction with gods and humans wherein gods were trying to persuade mortals to follow a certain path, the carrot and stick concept always emerges as a dominant theme. If one will consider related stories that involves the interaction between mortal and gods, there is always the idea of a rewards or a punishment that awaits those who are not mindful with their dealings with gods. In addition, the repetition of the stories influences the minds and hearts of the readers and the audience listening to the retelling of the stories. Thus, if they obey the gods, then, there is the promise of a reward. However, if they choose to disobey, they must prepare for the consequences caused by the deliberate decision to go against the will of the gods. In the natural worlds, as humans deal with each other they use the same concept in order to alter the behavior of others.

The story of the Ramayana is not only about gods threatening to punish disobedient humans or the promise of rewarding faithful servants. In this story, the gods are seen as having the ideal characteristic. In this case, the most important ideal is the one based on character. In the said story, the virtue of patience, wisdom, humility, and kindness are being lifted up as standards that people should follow. It is interesting to note that gods influence human behavior by introducing the concept of rewards and punishment, and by the establishment of an ideal that serves as a standard in striving for good character.


After reading the Ramayana it is interesting to discover that gods are trying to influence human beings in order to alter their behavior. In some cases gods are doing it for their selfish interest. In the case of Rama, the gods are doing it so that people are going to strive for something higher and better. Regardless of the motivation, the gods use rewards and punishment schemes as well as the establishment of an ideal that serves as standard that people must aspire to become.


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