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The main character in The Metamorphosis is Gregory, whose real human image is transformed into that one of a large insect (Kafka, 2008). Gregory has been working as a salesman for the benefit of his poor family members who could not make any income. He has suddenly turned very lazy that he cannot get out of his bedroom. Everybody including Gregory’s mother and sister has realized the change in his behaviors. Gregory has lost the taste for his favorite meals such as milk, and started to consume rotting scraps of food. Gregory has started to live a very isolated life which he finds more favorable for his current insect like body. The family members are fully aware that Gregory cannot be able get them out of the growing poverty because of his current behavior. As a result of Gregory’s laziness and the growing poverty, the family members find alternatives to earn a living They become rich and happy as Gregory dies.   

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The author of The Moon on the Water has used Kyoko as the main character in his work. Kyoko is married by a second husband after her first husband dies. Her first husband lied in bed since they married one another because of his sickness. Kyoko spent most of her time nursing the sick husband who kept watching the world, including the garden and his wife, in the mirror. Therefore, without the mirror, Kyoko’s husband would remain isolated. After the first husband dies, Kyoko puts the mirror on his stomach before the corpse is cremated. Kyoko becomes freed from nursing her sick husband and she finds time to work in her vegetable garden.    

In both The Metamorphosis and The Moon on the Water the main characters are trapped and closed in. In The Metamorphosis Gregory changes into a big insect and fails to cater for his family’s needs. Gregory is trapped and locked in his room so that he cannot be a hindrance to income generation. Kyoko was trapped by the illness of her first husband because she spent most of her time nursing him.    


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