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In a nutshell, ‘Little Sammy Sneeze’ by Winsor McCay’s brings to the fore comic in the most unappealing way; a dull-appearing boy whose only sign that he is alive is to hold back his head and give out a huge sneeze that is always disastrous since it causes problems and jeopardizes things that they were doing.. In many episodes of this work, the first four panels depict people or creatures milling around a setting but frequently fixed in viewpoint as the supposed foppish boy’s sinuses more and more irritated. His mouth then widens enormously he then delivers a very big sneeze. The sixth and final panel contains conclusion in which pieces a gathered back together often Sammy getting a kick for the troubles he is causing. As much as he irritates people mostly, sometimes the sneezes are helpful such as in preventing burglars or things of that sort. His nose is considered by the characters as nothing but ruin.

Sammy’s sneezes vary in magnitude such as sometimes sneezing only to upset a girl’s party while in other times even rocking a train with amount of force to make passengers want to know if a bomb had gone off somewhere. Folks perpetually have no option but stomach. Sammy is an American born character with rich parents. In numerous episodes he gets a lot of booting because of his irritating sneeze to the folks. Every weeks he is kicked by different people because of the same think that always starts with large inhales and then larger at the end of each panel then ending up in a chaotic sneeze in the second last panel and finally a kicking form the folks in the last panel.

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Each week he causes a problem in different environments and that is what holds the readers in anticipation

One week he destroys a grocery store with the sneeze while the other he does spoil skating rink, he even destroys a circus. The fun lies in anticipation of readers of what is to come the following week. Something notable in the panels each week is the similarities of the pose whenever he is booted the only difference being that it is different clothes and different booter.

The boy is endlessly afflicted with a very inconvenient case of sternutation he just cannot stop it. He doesn’t know when the sneeze was coming. In the “little Sammy Sneeze,’ there are six panels where the first four consist of the build up to the chaotic sneeze, the fifth showing the disastrous consequences and the final shows the aftermath of everything. Another striking element here is that the poor boy who could not control the sneezing does it at the most inopportune moments thus throwing everything into disarray prompting his booting from the folks week in week out.

The creator of this comic strip depicts Sammy as a poor boy who gets a kick whenever he sneezes, a situation he cannot control thus Sammy is unfairly treated but funny for the readers. It shows in the first few panels that the boy is just dull and still that you would not even notice him but in the mouth he keeps on building up the sneeze in every panel to a point where the mouth becomes so big and the in the second last panel he delivers a monstrous sneeze that the folks also know as Sneeze cannot tolerate, he gets kicked out every time in the final panel as it also shows the resultant effects the monstrous sneeze had for instance when he wrecked a grocery store in one episode and even spoiled a little girl’s party in another episode.

It is a very striking creativity and fun to read despite it being the same joke every week the only difference coming when it is set in a different environment. Readers already know that Sammy will in the end sneeze and cause havoc since he will probably screw something up when he sneezes. He is irritated to sneeze since he does not do anything, the creator presenting him as a dull lad whose only presence can only be known when he delivers the monstrous sneeze. Again the sneeze is not something one can control but he is still punished by being kicked out whenever he does it understandably because he screws up something in the long run. Something catchy in the strip is that the pose when he is kicked by the folks is always the same. Funny it looks.

The background in the comic strip is stationary and what changes are the figures in action such as that of the little Sammy building up the sneeze and the n letting out the sneeze. The funny capture of action is when the he is kicked. He is finally kicked out of the final frame because of bothering the people a lot. Despite the comic strip having the same outcome every episode, is strange that it is always interesting and fun to read. His dullness is some kind of ironical to the chaos he creates after he sneezes thus bringing out the irony.

Albeit Sammy being just a regular character who is not even supposed to be the star character, he shakes up the adult society who do not even recognize his presence for instance when a two people start to flirt at a recital, Sammy sneezes their hairpieces away. An old grandpa delivers a long boring and endless grace on the table at a thanks giving, Sammy sends a wave of gravy into his beard. This shows that Sammy is prompted to Sneeze by the boredom he gets whenever he is at these situation and also because no one acknowledges his presence. He does this, though naturally he cannot control, to make his presence be felt. His presence is felt more than it should judging, from the chaos the aftermath cause. Readers don’t get amused by the sneezing itself but by the havoc they create to the people who initially did not even notice him but now feel his presence fully. He is then kicked out.

The dullness of the adults who do not recognize him make him sneeze just to stop the dullness and bring in something new. He breaks monotony of boring adult chit-chats or actions that do not really involve him but the impact of the break of monotony is huge that it is felt all over the setting. He does not seem to be bothered when in the final frame they kick him out because assumedly he knows that they do not need him and he does not need them either.

He has one huge echo when he sneezes that even sends fright in elephants, throws everything flying hence creating a devastation that ends up leading to his punishment which he does not mind having. As adults are engrossed into their talks or activities, little Sammy bored by being left out of it all, builds up an enormous sneeze that he releases in the most inopportune moment always leading to something being spoiled hence. He does the sneezing towards the end of the last panel of the episode. He offers somewhat adamancy and refusal to change in the entire episodes thus steadfast attitude. A reader gets to have a feeling that something is not right in Sammy’s head since he never says a word after doing this plus he never uses a handkerchief whenever he sneezes.

Sammy’s build up to the sneezes is visible for everyone to see but the adults are always oblivious of the effects thus bringing out the fact that they are all so much into their business that they don’t even realize in those several minutes Sammy gets to sneeze. The petty matters that the adults in Sammy’s are always paying attention to irritates him to sneeze just to bring them back to reality and ensure his presence is felt. He though does not go off the hook as the Sneeze always punish him by the funnily kick in the butt, something he does not really care about since in every episode he repeats the behavior severally and he equally gets the kick severally.  Despite the strips being almost the same, readers confess that the comic is very interesting and keeps them anticipating for more of what Sammy will destroy next with his monstrous sneeze.

The irritated Sneeze do not seem to take caution as much as they should because they are always into useless chit-chats that leave the little Sammy in the periphery, Sammy’s way of bringing himself back into importance is sneezing his way back. This irritates the Sneeze who kicks him out; this is their reaction always whenever he sneezes and screws up something. 


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