Free Lysistrata Essay Sample

Love, sex, and marriage form the main theme of this work. According to the work, marriage is defined as an institution full of challenges and responsibilities. Women do not want to come out and discuss the challenges they face in marriage hence negating their relationships. Love, sex, and marriage are related to the way they complete each other.

This essay explicates the definition of marriage and the relationship between love, sex, and, marriage according to the poem “Lysistrata”

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According to the writer, marriage is an institution full of challenges and responsibilities. The women in marriage are perceived to be so busy with responsibilities at home hence unable to show up and discuss the challenges they undergo. Marriage is full of challenges that threaten their relationships, and they are not willing to discuss this at any point. For instance, Lysistrata says, “But all the women, if they had come….we could rescue Greece.” Women are supposed to attend to several duties such as washing, cooking and generally take care of their families. The responsibility to protect marriage lies in the hands of women. If women were to wake up and unite to address the challenges facing them, then marriage and love would be stronger.

The poem establishes the nexus between love, sex, and marriage. According to the poem, love begets marriage. A man and woman are brought together into one due to love. In marital relationships, women have to do their men favors which include sex. For instance, the poem says, “We’ve got to do our husbands little favors” This is what later on delays these women from waking up early and meeting on significant marriage matters. Love is what also constitutes sex according to this poem; women will always do anything to impress their husbands. For example, “We’re good at putting make up on….”

In conclusion, the poem defines marriage as an institution full of responsibilities and challenges. Women are not willing to come to the light and discuss the challenges affecting them in marriage. Love, sex, and marriage are closely related to the way they complement each other.


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