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Hickman’s use of violence in addressing his subjects in “The Nightly News” is a justified revolution aimed at wiping out the media who are out to use their positions corruptly in reporting false news to the detriment of lives, careers and even marriages. However, throughout the book, Hickman does not strongly believe in killing of the subjects as a means of solving the problem.  Since the major aim of the corporate news media in the United States values ratings and profits over facts, it has put the lives of many people at stake and ruined. Hickman’s subjects believe that it is only through the use of violence that the behaviors of such subjects can be stopped and this problem solved once and for all. Hickman therefore condones the acts of these characters through using violent means in order to justify the gain. In an effort to make the newsmen strictly stick on factual reporting during their work, Hickman’s subjects use a terrorist cult that kills and executes thousands of news people.  Even though Hickman does not believe in maiming of thousands of people as a solution of making the newsmen stick to factual reporting, his subjects believe this is the only way through which the newsmen can stick to factual reporting.

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Even though the newsmen have put the lives of many people at risk through their distorted reporting of news leading to loss of lives, breaking of marriages and other negative consequences, the use of violence by the cult people which is meted on the reporters is not a solution to the end of these problems. The biblical Moses’ Law of “an eye for an eye” ought not to be applied in solving of this problem. Despite the fact that the erroneous reporting of news by reporters has led to catastrophic effects on people’s lives and worse still led to deaths, the cult ought not to have used killings and maiming as a way of retaliating the evil deeds since crime can never be used in justifying the law. But it is because there are no other avenues in which the cult people can be able to channel their grievances and get imminent solutions which can put and end the losses attributed to the unprofessional conduct of the news reporters, it is only through the use of violence that the reporters can be made to realize their mistakes. This violence is therefore justified in its cause.

However, the use of brutal violence is justified by the Brotherhood of the Voice because the media, being capable of controlling the masses through the use of subliminal conditioning and propaganda has led to lots of conspiracy theories which have in turn led to loss of lives. Violence should therefore be meted to the same people who made other people to suffer because of their erroneous reporting. People should be made to pay for their sins and as such, if deaths occur as a result of the newsmen presenting to the masses in factual information, then it is also justified to use violence and killings to stop their behavior. Professional ethics should never be compromised with political or profit aims but instead the reporters ought to perform their work with diligence and integrity. And because the newsmen failed in doing this, it is only through conspiracies to destroy the media that their evil and unprofessional conducts can be countered.

All in all, professional ethics ought to be observed by the reporters as they go out in their cause of duty. Reporting of false information to the masses is not only catastrophic at the end but also leads to further loss of lives. As a result of revenge by individuals who feel they have been wrongly judged as a result of wrong information fed to the masses by the media, lots of deaths are bound to occur. The news people should stick to real facts to avoid deaths either way.  


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