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This essay seeks to argue out whether counsellors are locked in modernism, yet they are supposed to be postmodern. It also provides an opinion concerning the assumption that the "self" and "identity" are socially construed. Finally, it will outline the advantages and disadvantages of the demand-driven counsellor identity in counselling environment, as well as the theoretical orientations applicable in postmodernism and those that are not applicable.

It is indispensable that counsellors are still locked in modernism. This is because the counselling profession was founded on a modernist epistemological platform. As such, counsellors draw most of the ideologies from modernism. Actually, counsellors have failed to review their work and to reconsider their foundation assumptions as per the changing counselling environment. This depicts their singularity, thought, truth, essentialism, and the personal internalized nature of self. Most of the work of counsellors is documented with strict ethical guidelines. As a result, counsellors misrepresent the process of counselling to get paid. Globally, the counselling process is more technical than humanized, in that, it does not embrace diversity. The two areas that depict counselling being locked in modernism are the individualistic identity and the helping associations.

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It is true that associations transform and negotiate identity. Individuals are shaped by their interactions, for instance, the counselling environment. Professional identity should be transformative, fluid, and dynamic. Social conceptualizations of identity permit more adaptive and flexible utilization of the proficient self. Through demanding situations, the individual self is recreated persistently. Therefore, postmodernist assumption of self and identity being socially construed are true and practical.

The postmodernism counselling process has benefits and limitations, as well. Some of the benefits include; counselling process becomes more subjective and relative taking into consideration the psychological, social, psychosomatic, spiritual, and cultural aspects surrounding a circumstance. In addition, an aspect of creativity becomes a core value in the counselling process. The search for solutions is not individualistic since the problem is looked at with a different and radically new viewpoint. Furthermore, it provides clients with the opportunity of conceptualizing a personal mythology, that is, they construct a story concerning their lives, and hence, they can restructure their lives to resemble a process of counteracting certain challenges. The other advantage is that postmodernism assists individuals to entertain the divergent thoughts of their souls and minds. This will ensure a resolution of inner conflicts through negotiation.

Conversely, postmodernism counselling has limitations. It challenges objective and true experiences, hence affecting negatively the individual's psychology. Moreover, relativism that is embraced by postmodernism acts as an avenue of many bigger problems since consensus building becomes impossible. Interpretations of the problem will vary basing on political and ethical considerations rendering the counselling process less effective in helping relationships.

Postmodernism prefers theories that are less-true, but of multiplicity nature since they assist the counsellor in sketching solutions to the problems of the clients. In addition, theoretical orientations, under postmodernism, should leave counsellors at liberty so that they can welcome diverse viewpoints, rather than basing their solutions on the correct theory. Again, in the postmodernism theories, the application is charged based on its consequences when utilized in the certain situations, and not merely on their objective truth. The essentiality factor of a theory is not considered in postmodernism. Only those theories that provide multiple tools for solving individual problems are given a priority.

In conclusion, postmodernism in counselling is indispensable since the world is transforming and becoming dynamic. As such, demand driven counselling should be adopted to provide the right solutions to problems. Postmodernism will ensure an adaptive and revolutionary counselling process in the globe that responds to the prevailing conditions in the counselling environment.


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