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We are often involved in conflicts or in the resolutions of conflicts from time to time and this call for the use of appropriate conflict resolution techniques. I could not imagine that two of my class mates Josh and Dane would ever disagree with one another to a point where they would exchanges insults. However, this is what took place one Tuesday afternoon after their lunch break. Josh and Dane had just taken their lunch together and were discussing the latest computer games releases when a disagreement emerged on which was the best game ever. As they tried to convince one another on which game was the best, Dane claims that Josh insulted him by saying the he was an idiot as far as computer games were concerned. This sparked an exchange of insults just before I met them at the hallway.

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Seeing the gravity of the matter, I mentioned to them that it was wise to for them to calm down and resolve their conflict amicably. With good skills and mediation skills, I agreed to mediate between Dane and Josh by taking a neutral stand. We agreed together to meet next to the arboretum where I mentioned to that them how it was necessary that each one of them to avoid getting over their feelings and to this, they agreed. I also mentioned to them that it was my duty to see them getting well with each other and that whatever was to be mentioned between us was going to remain confidential. Getting an affirmative nod from Dane and Josh, I asked Dane to recount his side of story followed by Josh. Dane expressed that he was hurt by Josh when he was referred to as an 'idiot' while he was not. Josh mentioned that he did not mean it that way, he just meant that Dane had little know how since, the game he had mentioned was released in the year 2000 and not in 2010 as Dane insisted.

While listening well and confirming their responses, I voiced the concern of the Dane to Josh and vice versa. Meanwhile, I kept them on the topic avoiding any past encounter or grievances from being raised in the process. Engaging in brainstorming, we agreed that the issues were easily resolvable with Dane and Josh forgetting the exchange since Dane and Josh confirmed that they were indeed good friends and wanted to continue being so. They also realized that the matter was just a misunderstanding and not a threat as early seen. I made the two agree to keep off such topic between one another and they did agree. Shaking their arms in a congratulatory note, I led Dane and Josh back for our lesson, with each one of them happy and holding one another's hand.

The solution to the conflict was resolved through the use of mediation technique. The use of this approach is suitable for a school environment as its alternatives makes schools safer. Additionally, this technique reduces conflicts and at the same time disseminate crucial problem solving skills to the students involved and this makes students charge of future disagreements in a responsible manner. Mediation has been found out to increase the self-esteem of the mediation involved in the process. As Carpenter and Kennedy (1988) assert, mediation is indeed useful in solving problems in the identification of and dealing with divisive interpersonal issues that often cause many disagreements. As in the conflict presented herein, the parties to the conflicts own the solutions since the process involve them and this makes this approach of solving conflicts unique.


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