Free Shakespeares Influence on Contemporary Literature Works Essay Sample

Many years after his death, William Shakespeare's force in literature work and performing art is still having its grounds. In the unpublished letters of Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1932), Edgar Allan, Poe John Keats and Percy Bysshe Shelley portray William Shakespeare as the most writers the world has ever had. They argue that Taylor got his writing methods from Shakespeare. It has always been stated that Shakespeare's mouth piece in poetry has been approved by many in the world. His stylistic plans that are in use of descriptions, representation, imagery, discussion, metaphors, sarcasm, language extrapolation and others have been accepted by other literature works in the world.

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John Keats is one of the world foremost poets whose works are totally influenced by Shakespeare. His writings and strategies used in his literature work are based on the works of Shakespeare. He portrayed William as his role model and inspirer, Browne (1884) Poetic Works of John Keats, London Macmillan Publisher. In the poem 'Woman! When I behold thee flippant, vain' John makes use of many of Shakespeare's stylistic strategies like the use of similes personification, descriptions and others. In paragraph 30, he says. "God! She is like a milk-white lamb that bleats for man's protection' this is an illustration of the use of symbol which is also seen in Shakespeare's work like in Venus and Adonis paragraph 34 when he writes, "Whose hollow womb resounds like heaven's thunder".

Shakespeare's works have also influenced movie and stage play business. James Christopher, in his article, Shakespeare on screen, in The Sunday Times of April 25th 2008, reports that directors and film makers are drawn to Shakespeare's work like candle and moth. He goes further on to argue that Shakespeare plays are acting like a real face up to to screen play. Hollywood most famous producer, Orson Welles has devoted much on gleaming Shakespeare's masterwork like the 1948 Macbeth. Other producers who have created excellent Shakespeare's masterwork include, Derek Jarman and Peter Greenaway who produced the fundamental new production of the tempest, Prospero's (1979).Kenneth Branagh has come up with modern Shakespeare's masterworks. As reports James Christopher, this new masterpieces are more interesting than the old schools.

The most current production of Shakespeare's influence is a movie titled; Shakespeare in Love directed by John Maden. This movie discloses how Shakespeare used his best imaginative desires in influencing the society towards realistic problems facing them. This movie succeeded Oscar awards and other awards as a result of its uniqueness, lessons to the society and practical observations. Other movies similar to Shakespeare in love are; Victor/Victoria; Sense and Sensibility, Twelfth edition by Victorian production, The Triumph of Love, Stage Beauty among others. From Shakespeare's muster peace movie and stage plays several themes have been brought out evidently. The most three fascinating themes which Shakespeare improved in his works and has sustained to have a lifelong effect in the modern literature works are, the theme of Love, Governance and justice. In the movie, "Shakespeare is in love'' The theme of love is shown when Lady Viola, shows a strong respect of William's creative work. She does not only fall in love with William's work but find herself in strong romantic love with William. This theme highlights the Romeo and Juliet. Governance is shown through lady Viola's Father the mercenary who wants to sell his daughter all in the name of political goodwill and financial gains. He also depicts the luck of Justice in the community. This remains to be strong themes that Shakespeare's work contributes to influencing the society towards a morally upright society.

Many of Shakespeare's quotes remain as integral part of written and spoken literature. Famous Shakespeare quote include, "To be or not to be", "But Love is Blind and Love Cannot See", "Some Rise by Sin, Some Virtue Fall" A number of word leading novel writers like Dickens Charles and Thomas hardy have used this and many Shakespeare's quotes to enrich their work and pass on their moral philosophies. Linguistically, Shakespeare has contributed to a number of words in English language as reports linguist Noam Chomly in ethnography of communication, 1972.It is argued that his words have entered into English due to their elegancy, essence and clarity. I can therefore conclude that Shakespeare has had a positive influence towards art, language and communication.


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