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The paper “Transportation Costs and the Non-Agricultural Sector in 19th Century Brazil" is based on the article provided by Nathaniel Leff and written as a response. It can be considered as a bad choice for academic paper because author a priori focused on one side of question without a closer look to possible causes and consequences.  But later the author provides additional literature what expands this topic. Anyway, the presence of this standard increases the quality of paper and its relevance because it clarifies knowledge about economic history of country and can be used for current policies and state regulations.

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The author states the value of his article as well as announce the plan for his work: “It can be seen through the analysis of the this paper that Leff’s argument about transportation costs in 19th century Brazil are founded, and have been strengthened by the evidence presented.” But it should be emphasized that the value of the work is not clear, there is just one sentence in the first part of article. It should be further explained for reader to show paper’s actual relevance. The plan of the work is covered by part named “Hypothesis and Goals of Paper” what makes it is difficult to understand the article’s order.

The article does not include any mention about the disagreement of others but it seems the position of the author shows correctness of statements. It does not decrease the quality of paper because the work is already considered as disagreement. In addition, the author did not use a voice of authority. He tries to clear some moments always using some evidence from literature. It improves quality of paper.

Writer uses academic vocabulary, such as: household-level census data, the freed colored population, property inventories, day laborers, monopoly etc. It is useful if the article is written for appropriate audience, because ordinary reader may not understand some statements. The vast use of tables and graphs makes paper more unbiased and so more valuable.

The author of the second paper “What Drives the Relationship between Education and Fertility?” uses the information provided by other scientists but it does not look like a direct response to someone work. It seems more as additional work to gather all results already made and add something new. It strengthens the article as well as well prepared and scientifically grounded value of the work.

Moreover, the author provided strong acknowledges that the results obtained in the research should not be taken as absolute and there are causes to doubt or disagree with. The voice of authority is present but it is quite hidden. Mostly it can be read when the author explain the tools he chose to use for confirming his statements. It helps readers to think further about issue and investigate the new causes, so the quality of paper is high. The academic and specific term were also used: trade-off, women’s time allocation, descriptive statistics, linear regressions of fertility, key relevant variables, regression etc. As it was written above it increases the quality of the article but it depends on whom it was addresses. The usage of tables and graphs makes the information clear and objective.

So, both papers have high quality and represent almost all standard features of academic writing outlined by Teresa Thonney. But it should be emphasized that the presence of some features can weaken work what depends on goals and group of readers whom it addresses. 


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