Free Survivor South Pacific Essay Sample

This document covers my own idea of who is likely to win in the ‘Survivor: South Pacific.’ With alliances having eaten members, many players are emerging and thus viewers will be fascinated and will be glued to their screens to find out the outcome of every contest. Players on the other hand, will be suspicious with one another and thus make rush decisions that would entertain the viewers even further. This scenario already brings to reality Coach’s remarks that “at the end, loyalties will be broken” (Michael).

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Ozzy is a fighter and tried to remain in the game at the redemption duel. He had to complete the slide puzzle alongside Edna in order to release the hatchet. This was so entertaining as viewers had to hold their breath in trying to find out who would emerge the winner. Together, the two players released and stacked each cube to complete a puzzle without having a color repeat. Ozzy was in the lead at this time and it can be seen through most of his struggles in trying to hold on.

Viewers will be fascinated with merges because players will be more paranoid and will make rush decisions that would either break or make moves that will save the rest of the team members. Based on the level of the game, Ozzy seems the likely winner because:

-         Sophie and Albert would betray Coach too soon.

-         Ozzy will betray Albert, Sophie Jim, Dawn, and Whitney.

Ozzy knows that if he does not win in the current events, he will be going home and that is why Coach reminded him of the fact. In another scenario, he needs to take advantage and moon the jury who were former Savaii members.

One thing that should not happen is predictable scenarios like the last season were most people already knew that Rob was the likely winner weeks before the final show. Ozzy needs to give the viewers a rollercoaster ride to the grand finale in order to have an entertaining South Pacific survivor series. Therefore to win, Ozzy needs to win individual immunity to have the loyalties of Dawn and Whitney by convincing them that he is useful as a protection.


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