Free The Hand and The Yellow Wallpaper Essay Sample

The two books’ The hand’ by Colette and ‘The Yellow Pages’ by Charlotte are comparatively related in the usage of the literary aspects. It was importantly noted in the books that the characters, being couples, had diverse character traits. However, the difference helped to complete the intended meaning by the two writers. The two women presented in the different pieces of work are placed in their settings to display the nature of their personalities. Colette lived in fantasy while Charlotte was obsessed with work and study. As a result, Charlotte ended up in depression thus the action of the husband to seclude her. However, she overcame the male superiority by overpowering her husband while in consciousness.  On the other hand, the young wife Colette coiled up until she succumbed to her husband domination.

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The two books ‘The Hand’ by Colette and ‘The Yellow Pages’ Charlotte explain the theme of submission. Colette explains how as a young bride she was submissive to her husband. She asserts that her assumption in marriage was that women ought to be submissive in order to sustain their marriage. She often held her husband while he slept and never moved in order to give him the best ease sometimes at the expense of her comfort.  On the other hand, the protagonist in ‘The Yellow Pages’ was submissive to her husband beside being confined in the upstairs room. She submitted and did not complain until she was able to release herself. However, her submission was out of fear although he was bored to stay in the room. Additionally, submission is defined by Colette as an expression for love. Charlotte asserts that the men also feel complete if their wives submit to them. Therefore, she submitted to the enclosure till she found breakthrough.

The two authors next expounded on theme of men domination. In Colette’s marriage set up, the husband is physically strong and was perceived as very dominative. She defined his hand as a ‘pliant beast’ with strongly built arms larger than her head. He also had veins distended by the pressure on his arm. His fingers are described as an animal’s claws. On the other hand, Charlotte explains the protagonist’s husband as a strict man. He locks up the woman and dominates over her freedom. He exercised this by putting bars on the windows and the gate leading to the stairs so that the wife doesn’t get out of seclusion. Additionally, he denies her the chance to read or work and this shows domination. In the two texts, men domination is used to show the difference in power and physical ability.

The ‘Yellow Pages’ text uses the secluded room to show that it was the best solution to the woman’s depression. Additionally, the yellow papers displayed on the wall are used to symbolize serenity and peace as the husband was expected to protect his wife from more depression. It also symbolized the traditional marriage he had ever desired. The wall paper was also used to show cover up for past occurrences as well as the wrapping up of the strength of a woman. The woman later unfolded the wall paper and found a woman in her fours. In the process of observation, her husband came in and fell unconscious.  This helped the woman walk over him severally as she circled the house and thus achieved her victory over the man. On the other hand, Colette uses the hand to show that the man was powerful and held his prowess even while he slept. She felt that her freedom was denied. Therefore, Colette shows her allegiance by holding her husband’s body with her tiny hands while he slept.

‘Yellow Pages' book is set in an upper room in a rented house. Moreover, the rooms are separated and the upper most locked up while the door to the stairs was strongly locked in order to restrict the woman from leaving the house.  The husband also ensured that the room was empty and unoccupied so that the woman would heal quickly from her depression. On the other hand the young couple acted in the bedroom. Colette observes and imagines that her husband’s fisted hand is a sign of harm. Again, the bedroom should be used for intimacy and resting for the just married couple. However, the wife was thinking and succumbing to the imagined role of submission while the husband was busy sleeping.

Colette is a daydreamer since she takes time to imagine and make assumptions about her husbands’ strength. She interprets the strength in his body as a sign of harm and so forces herself to serve her husband’s comfort at the expense of her ease. On the other hand, the protagonist’s husband is caring as well as authoritative. He cares that the wife gets well from depression since he is a psychologist. He authoritatively rents a secluded room, locks her up and monitors her movements by barring the entrance to the stairs.

The two authors are very expressive of their literary intentions by the use of their words and expression used in the book.  The use of symbolism shows their literary skill to communicate the hidden aspects. The character traits varied between the partners in the two different couples. They had to be different in order to fit into the intended plot of the books. The word use in some instances by Colette is indirect and comparative while the Charlotte is indirect and very symbolic.


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