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Mrs. Mallard's story in the book since in one that many lovers face upon the loss of the other spouse in a way that they are not able to move on with life. The author emphasized on her going for sacred refuge in her room in a bid to come to terms with the occurrence and lack of being of her beloved husband. After that she decides to leave all that is associated with her husband. Her sister and husband's friend reflect as persons that she has to forget and start embracing the pristine freedom that she had not experienced from the time back in her single days and the unbelievable fold of life without a husband. Amidst all this, out the window she sees vast horizon and knows that there is an opportunity of a normal life without a husband and a new start with new opportunities to explore in the future.

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Rains are a sign of cleansing of the old and welcoming the new life and dawn to the widow. It gives life to the young plants and hope to the fishes in the sea and rivers, rain wash off the tears from one's eyes and provides for an ample environ for reviewing the prospects of a better life. The death of persons will bring forth an opportunity to recognize what we valued that has gone and brought about a void in our lives then it is best that is handled positively and not in a way of replacing but moving on. In the skies are the patches of clouds that are a mark of the highs and lows of the marriage and the loop holes that were present in the process at various levels of their marriage though it was marked by marital bliss, love and times frustrations all which are part and parcel of marriage. She admits that even though at times they did not always love each other, the aspect of in a union on oath of companionship is enough for a healthy marriage. The marriage was also marked with an epitaph of solidarity and unity being represented by the clear skies.

Independence in aspect in marriage that should be encouraged because in as much as the husband may at times insist that they are able to handle the bills, the wife needs time exploit her talents out of the family and feel useful. This way, the man can also respect her opinion as being worthwhile and one that can change the family's living conditions and standards. The widow in our story seems scared of the thought of being alone and not being controlled by a power that she both feared and loved so dearly.

Even if she could not stand up against her husband, it was all a policy of being submissive to the husband than the other needs came after all had been said and done and without raising any question. Her life is a slow process of same procedures that she has come to learn by heart. The joy of being self controlled again gives her lots of happiness even though her face is motionless. Her being in doubt of her freedom and husband's death from the self imposed prison by not speaking out her mind as she thinks that he would just get up and everything would be as it were.

Mrs. Mallard's life comes to an end through joy she can't bear the joy that her husband is still alive yet minutes ago she was celebrating of being free. Her life seems to revolve around her husband and though she was celebrating that her future will be one of an independent woman she still wants to fight back the fear of being alone all her life. The story of an hour gives a perception how life changes and can mostly changes with an instant. Life is also filled with so many events as described in the short story there are so many events that took place.


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