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Towards the end of 1800, Gilman wrote a story that apparently was a diary her life time while she was in a sanitarium following a nervous breakdown. Her writings are not only made to inform the reader but to have the story assist her in some therapeutic manner. In the story, the narrator describes her discomfort as she was forced to live in an open area and the reality that her husband together with the physician denies her state of mind. She has some feelings towards the yellow wall paper which has affected her in various ways in her state of mental illness, hence the title of the short story. The theme as described in short story, "The Yellow Wallpaper" is women oppression. This essay describes the theme of women oppression in "The Yellow Wallpaper" and disregards the perception that men are to blame for the misfortunes of women.

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The short story "The Yellow Wallpaper" enters into the debate of gender in a number of ways. Men are presented as naïve as much as the women are and the true capabilities of gender. In many occasions, people reflect back and put blame on men for the mindless treatment accorded to women in some way, it is actually the women who are closed minded to the discernment of an independent woman. The women of this time were in a time where none got wind of the matter. This is indeed evident in "The Yellow Wallpaper" since it is goes without saying that John vehemently adored her wife and never mistreated her by any physical means. He gives her a perception of a valued possession or even a helpless child and not really and independent thinker. Women of the time were not permitted to think for themselves, and whilst a number of them were given the right treatment, some were married to treacherous husbands who had the perception that women needed to be punished. It is obvious to see the way this could amount to depression.

Well, depression was not recognized as an illness as at that time and therefore men regarded women as silly for giving in all the time. This was how things were in "The Yellow Wallpaper". The absence of assistance from the physician husband amounts to mental illness in the narrator leaving her crazy. The narrator's hallucinations further reinforce the theme; the woman trapped in the wall paper.  This is the subconscious exhibiting through. During day time, the narrator speaks much concerning the husband and believes that he is assisting her. However at night, she sees the trapped woman ever trying to move out and makes her believe she is the woman in from the paper.

"The Yellow Wallpaper" is a kind of short story that maneuvers the reader and is not really what it appears to be at first sight. The story has many hidden implications and is not specific to any particular interpretation. However, the subject of women and oppression takes a centre stage although the narrator's condition fades slowly towards the end. The author has used this to show indeed the way the narrator is restricted by the husband and a number of men who have affected her life in some way. The treatment that women were being given came along with mixed reactions. They were treated as fragile and weak objects. Some men took advantage of this kind of treatment and ended up mistreating them.

Ultimately, even the man making an effort to love their women like John were thought to mistreat them. Generally, women were limited in some way as the society dictated. In this story, the narrator presents herself as being controlled by the husband. The story therefore gives views on some communication that is needed that highlights the major causes of the misfortunes and mistreatment women get from the society. It is a story with mixed fillings which can muddle the reader while trying to establish the author's theme and choice of characters. All the same, it is a great work of art of all times.


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