Free Wooden Pencil Poem Essay Sample

The Pencil

I am very little creature and made of wood and lead,

My head so pointed and long, body so smooth,

Am once long and handsome but soon I’ll be dead,

Master hates me though I write so nice and smooth.

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He often shaves my little head, treats me so badly,

I must die soon and this makes my life so miserable,

He sucks my head as well, cuts my body so unkindly,

He puts me in ink and I have no reason to grumble.


Tired with all this life, for a peaceful death I cry,

No longer mourn, for pain when I die,

After my death to replace me, they try,

They live the same life till they also die.


My life too short, though too useful,

Have no choice but leave very careful.


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