Free A Work Breakdown Structure Essay Sample

A work breakdown structure is a graphic representation showing the sub-units of a project and how the sub-units are related. It enables the project manager to identify the activities in a project and the sequences that need to be followed to complete the project. It also assists the project manager in identifying the steps that are irrelevant or must be left out. When developing a project schedule, it is important to ensure that all the required steps are considered in order to come up with the appropriate time schedule for the whole project

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To construct a website, it is important to follow a defined procedure that will help produce a detailed product at the end. To start with, one needs to do a research to help acquire enough information from the existing websites. From this information it becomes easier to prepare a project proposal that will be evaluated by the project manager who will provide a go ahead. This is followed by coming up with a brand name, elements of design, a preferred color scheme and the font size to be used on the website page, which depends on the volume of content. After this is done, the site construction commences where a technical framework is adopted and implemented. Content is then created, the site loaded with preferred features and the marketing services for the site designed. After setting up the social network, market testing should follow where target customers are allowed for free network usage for a given period of time. During testing it is important to obtain feedback from the customers that will help in adjusting the site in the best way possible. Communication plan is then formulated that will identify the challenges and define strategies as well as specific actions to help overcome them. When all this is done the site is set for launching.


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