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Air Canada is a multinational airline which provides chattered and scheduled air transport for both passengers and cargo. The airline is based in Canada. It is also the biggest airline in that country. The company provides air services on around 178 destinations around the world. The company is also plans to explore new destinations around the continents of the world. Basing on the number of destinations, the company is ranked number eight in the world. The airline is among the founding members of the star alliance. This alliance was formed in 1997 by subsidiary companies. The number of subsidiaries was 26. Headquarters of Air Canada is based in Montreal. The airline has many other hubs which include; Calgary international airport, Montréal international airport, Toronto Pearson international airport and Vancouver international airport. The airline, in addition, focuses cities which include; Edmonton international airport, Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier international airport and Winnipeg James Armstrong international airport.

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The frequent flyer programmers of the airline are the aero planes. Air Canada airport lounge is the maple leaf lounge. The lounge is one the best in Canada and the entire world. It is equipped with one of the most expensive facilities with quality personnel.

Air Canada has three major subsidiaries, Air Canada cargo, which operates its cargo division. The subsidiary is the best in Canada on cargo transport. Another subsidiary is the Air Canada jets, which is involved in operating division.

Air vacations, is another subsidiary of Air Canada. It is involved in hire services. It is also doing very well raising a lot of revenue to the company. The company uses small planes for its operations, since most of the customers are individuals, families or corporations. The jets are operated from different airports in Canada. Air vacations are popular also in the USA. There also destinations in the world where this subsidiary company operates its activities.

Air Canada is managed currently by David Richardson as the president of the company. The airline company operates regionally under the service of Air Canada express.

The company started its operations in 1936 under the government operation. Initially, it was known as Trans Canada airline (TCA). It was later privatized and acquired its closest rival Canadian airlines. The company has seen the tremendous growth of its customers and profits.

The company has a lot of carriers in the field of aeronautical engineering and the entire field of airlines. First of all, there are administrative professional jobs in the airline. These job include top managerial positions like the chief executive officer (CEO), the chairman of the board of directors, the company secretary, marketing manager, the company lawyers and accountants. Other top managerial positions in the airline include the human resource managers and the customer care executive. These positions ensure the daily running of the company. They also ensure that the company is performing well in the stock market.

Each of the administrative positions in the company has a significant role to ensure that the company does not collapse. They ensure that the company is competing well in the market by providing the quality service to customers. They are responsible for coming up with strategies that will enable the company maximize profit and provide quality service to customers. Each of the administrative position has his role to play in the management of the aircraft. The company recruits these staff basing on their skills and knowledge of doing business. Each of these people must ascertain that they have the required knowledge to run the company. The success of the company has been largely attributed to the administrative positions. This is because, without their visionary ideas, the company cannot achieve what it has achieved so far. The success also, on the other hand, depends on the implementation by staff on the airlines. It is also obvious that team work must play its role.

Another career opportunity found at the Air Canada is that of pilots. Every Air Canada pilot is considered important to the corporation, as he or she engages in recreation of a major role in the success of the business. There are diverse classes of pilots in the Air Canada, these include; captain, a first officer and relief pilot. The pilots have to ensure that passenger comfort and on time performance are maintained. The pilots also carry about other duties like preparing flight plans, making ready the aircrafts for the departure. The pilots, on the other hand, complete post flight reports for further improvements of the service.

The job required for an Air Canada pilot includes 1500 hours of fixed wing flying  after completing school. The job seeker must also pass the Canadian medical and visual acuity test. The job seeker must also have category 1 medical certificate from the government. He or she must pose the Canadian airline transport license, current instrument rating and multi-engine endorsement. Experience is much needed by the Air Canada pilots and those who have got it, have a higher chance of getting the job as a pilot for the Air Canada.

Safety by the pilot is paramount in the Air Canada. The pilots should have to cooperate with other areas of operation in during the flights. These include co-pilots and ramp attendants. The pilot should be flexible and maintain the professional conduct.

  • Flight attendants are one of the areas found in Air Canada. The flight attendants perform the safety-related duties. They have to respond to changes in flight situations. They are consistently required to deliver friendly customer service through serving customers with drinks and snacks. They also sell Air Canada products, amenities and duty free articles. For flight attendants to be employed at Air Canada, one should pose at least the following characteristics.
  • Safety consciousness
  • To possess a Canadian passport, which is valid
  • To be minimum 18 years old
  • To obtain high school diploma or its equivalent
  • To meet  the Air Canada medical standards.
  • To be able to get the transport Canada security clearance
  • To be  self-confident and well-groomed
  • One must complete an eight initial training program 

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Priority is usually given to people with fluent English and French. In addition to these qualities, the attendant should ensure the security and safety of customers and crew. They should deal with customers in a caring manner, regardless of any situation. Professionalism should always be given priority at the Air Canada. The attendants should be ready to deal with any changes that occur, and adapt to it very well. Team work also plays a major role in the duties of an Air Canada flight attendant.

Air Canada has also a career opportunity in customer services. These services include airport and call-center. Their work includes disseminating information, supplementary customers and provided that a human face to our airline. Successful candidates should be problem solvers and be able to perform under pressure

The requirements for this job include completion of grade 12 or academic equivalent. The candidate should have bilingual knowledge in languages. The candidate should have the ability to work at any time and have excellent interpersonal and problem solving skills. Strong commitment to work is also required.

Another career opportunity in the Air Canada includes airport cargo and ground services. These are jobs in the ground, handling and servicing of aircraft during station stops. Station attendants work every single minute of their duty to ensure that flights go well as planned. The attendants handle baggage and freight. The candidates involved in this job should be able to perform heavy jobs and must therefore be physically fit to ensure that they withstand the pressure of the job.

The company has also careers in building and facility maintenance. The personnel in this job have skills in aircraft trades. The personnel are employed to maintain several ground equipment and facilities. The jobs are separated into the following sub jobs;

Millwright they undertake the repair and overhaul of ground equipment. The people working there have valid provincial automotive mechanic license and millwright training experience. Automobile technicians engaged in the repair of automobile equipment are also involved in the in the repair tasks of a variety in equipment, such as trucks rumps cars and other mechanical equipment.

The store keeper in air cargo ground maintenance helps in keeping records of parts and equipment received in the centers’ of operation. The store keeper issues the technicians with the required parts for repair and maintenance. They inspect the parts and keep records of their accounts.

Another area for career development at the Air Canada is aircraft maintenance. These are the specialist who ensures that the aircraft is fit for air travelling or flight. The aircraft maintenance team ensures that the planes are of good condition before any flight. Their duties include; maintaining and repairing air craft, operating aircraft systems and engines. They complete technical work and make a decision as to whether an airplane is ready for air travel, a pronouncement governed by the principle of safety first. Previous experience is required for employment as a technician or mechanic in the Air Canada air craft maintained team. High school completion is also required. 

There are very many skilled personnel involved in the maintenance of an aircraft engine at Air Canada.

Aircraft maintenance technician is responsible for scheduled maintenance, defect rectification and trouble shooting of aircrafts. Technicians are involved in the repairing of flight control systems, landing gears and fuel systems.

Air Canada has a set of fleet in carrying out the operations of the company. It operates a fleet of airbuses a330 Boeing 767, and Boeing 777 wide body jet liners long route. The company operates air bus a330 on short routes. The carriers operating divisions include the air Canada Jets and Air Canada cargo. Air Canada vacations provide, packages to over 90 destinations. The Company operates over 1000 scheduled flights daily. The fleets are of high quality and regularly monitored by the personnel in the technical division. The company offers a lot of comfort to the cabin due to its cabin interiors with executive seats and seat back entertainment. The company also recently introduced flat beds in the flights. The cabin comfort is separated according to the different classes. The company has the economy class, business class, and student package that enable customers to choose from the range of these classes. The airline has also other different classes of a travel package to enable customer satisfaction. The company provides priority security clearance to all customers travelling in the executive first or executive class. The company enables access to security through screening via access lanes at selected airports. The Company also has priority baggage handling. The company has special priority tags to assist in identification of the baggage.

The company has dedicated a lot of efforts to ensure that safety is maintained. The company has dedicated teams that are in constant survey and monitoring of the airline. This is to ensure that the maximum safety is guaranteed to the customers. The company has also embarked on the research of the parts of the air craft, which are safe in case of an accident. This helps the customers understand the aircraft and be ready for anything. The company has a team of specialists who have analyzed previous cases of air lines accidents, and have been coming up with ideas which try to reduce the number of accidents. The company has passed the international air travel association operational safety test. The organization which is entitled to maintain standards offers audit of the company air craft’s and ground operations.

The company has ensured safer ground operations which have been characterized by fewer accidents. Through the audits, the company has reduced the cost of its operations in carrying its own audits. The company also has an auditor training to ensure that the workers of the company can give the services at their best. Through the thorough research in airs safety, the company enhanced its understanding of risky areas within the aircraft and ground operation.

The company has also recently entered into the fleet modernization, in order to convey the quality service to their customers’ the company stopped the services of Boeing 747 in the year 2004 to embark on modern fleets. The company also introduced a new color to their fleet, in order to establish itself as the leading airline. The company has over the recent years increased its Boeing 777 fleets and Boeing 787 fleets. All the 777 Boeing fleets are powered by the go 90-115b engines. These engines are of high quality in the market and will maintain the standards of Air Canada.        

The company has also offers in Boeing dream liners which offer a variety of advantages to the air craft. The company is top on the world with dream liners, and this puts it in a good position to compete favorably in the market.  In the year 2006, the company started to refurbish its interior designs to create modern cabins. The cabins include new executive cabins for the air crafts, new entertainment gadgets in the aircraft, personal AVODS for all the classes, interactive games at all seats and USB ports to recharge the customer’s electronics.

 The company has the latest technology in the air safety. The company has satellite based aids to enable the pilots to know exactly where they are at any point in time and communicate with the ground control people. These also help them know where they are with great precision and accuracy. The company also uses wide area augmentation systems, global positioning system (GPS) which makes it accurate for vertical and horizontal navigation. The system is also used in instrument approaches, as well as en-route navigation. The company maintains high standards of flight management through all these gadgets. The company also ensures that all the employees are devoted to their work. The company has devoted time to ensure that aircrafts do not take off without meeting high standard of safety as required by law and its internal standards.

In conclusion, Air Canada is one of the airlines that one can enjoy working with in careers of aeronautical science and all other related fields. Its ability to maintain high standards of service delivery is an exemption characteristic in modern day airlines. The company provides one with quality standards to facilitate development in their fields of practice. Through their dedication and well managed resources, the company will continue to offer the best services internationally.


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