Free Apple Management Essay Sample

Organizing functions of management in an organization is the process through which managers achieve the management functions of organizing, planning, coordinating, budgeting, controlling and leading the organization in order to achieve organizational goals. American company Apple is a corporation which produces and sells electronics, personal computers and computer software. In order to remain a global organization in the world, managers of Apple should effectively utilize the organizational resources like capital, labor and even skills in the organization. The major management functions in Apple include leading, planning, controlling and organizing.

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Planning is considered the most important function in Apple management since it gives the target to the organization. Organizing is the pillar of the company since it provides a framework for operation of the changing process of the organization. Leading on the other hand ensures that people within the organization are motivated to do their best working for the company, using their skills and experience. Controlling provides a center through which changes must occur in an organization and manages all the processes of the company.

The management functions of planning, leading, controlling and organizing are essential in the management of the organizational resources. The physical organization resources include the employees who need to be led and motivated, the finances whose usage has to be planned and controlled to avoid wastage, and the managers who play an important role of leading the organization. The other physical assets like plans have to be effectively utilized through proper planning. The management of Apple should be organized in a way that will make it remain a leading organization in sphere of electronics and computer software. Apple like other organizations utilizes all the four functions of management to hold the highest positions in the global market.


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